So I haven’t stopped playing WoW, despite what my lack of posting might say, I didn’t feel I needed to. Of course, when I grew bored I logged off, but I kept doing things on Fae (mostly dailies and my Zul’Gurub/Attuman soloing) and levelling my Human Warrior, Briella, who is now level 35 and levelling fairly quickly as Arms.

She has been combing through a few zones. I did Duskwood for the first time ever and learnt the joys of stumbling upon elites that enjoy nomming your face around every corner *grumbles* I ran into the skeleton guy 3 times, and the dude in the hat twice. Somebody could have told me that would happen! Aside from the stupid elites, I liked Duskwood, it’s an interesting little zone – I especially loved the Orchard, it’s quite a nightmarish area.

As I level I’m doing a few random dungeons, as I always have done since the implementation of the random dungeon finder tool. Once in a while I’ll get one of those groups, which is when I take over the tanking because I do more threat than the tank and take less damage than the Rogue. Shoo Rogue! I’ve alsohad some nice groups. Last night I was teamed up with a few random people who I stuck with for a little bit, we did 3 instances together before going our separate ways and they were fun, the kind of instance that makes you pine for a cross server friends list. It’s groups like those that really make pugging worth it.

She also seems to have developed a bit of a personality. It’s not much, just the little things that pop up while you play a character really. Briella is a city girl, through and through, and loves her pony – Brian – to bits (sidenote: When she hits 40, I’m grabbing the Brown Steed – Brian with armour!). Despite this, she has chosen to use her skills as a talented Warrior to protect her loved ones, and thus she feels compelled to go out and get her hands dirty, for her parents, for the people of Stormwind, and for her King.