Yet another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, this time suggested by the most delightful and lovely Windsoar.

First off, I need to make it very clear: I’m not a fan of the Alliance cities. They’re boring to me. Stormwind? Every Human city in a fantasy land looks like this, cobblestones and cathedrals, seen it all before, not for me. Exodar? I know I’m supposed to be a Space Goat and all that but.. it’s sickeningly pink. Yeah, I’m a girl, but that much pink and purple is enough to put you off. Not to mention I always get lost in there, or stuck behind something. Darnassus? At the beginning of my WoW playing, I had quite a soft spot for this city, however, as time has moved on I’ve learnt that again, it’s nothing really special to me. Trees, trees, elves, trees, wisps, trees, and where the heck is the auction house again? Ironforge? Yeah, okay, this is the city that I can stand the most out of all of the Alliance cities, but still, lava, grates, not to mention it’s FULL of Dwarves and Gnomes. When you spend maybe 3 years with green people and cows, a girl gets used to a bit of mess.

I’ll start with Thunder Bluff, because in the past I always hated the place. However, after a while, you get sort of used to the wooden maze that is Thunder Bluff, and quite enjoy the company of big fluffy cow people. It feels kind of cozy. Silvermoon, while it isn’t my favourite city, is lovely. I’ve played endless amounts of Blood Elves for so long that I can’t not like the place, I’ve spent so much time there in early levels, and some of the bars and shops are really cool looking. Undercity is another place I used to hate. It’s so dank and dreary, full of slime, and in the past abominations (which by the way, used to REALLY freak me out. GUTS!), not to mention, again, I used to get so lost here. I’ve come to realise that Undercity is basically like a compass, divided into 4 sections and if you do happen to go to the wrong one it’s easily remedied. That and the scenery looks pretty Tim Burtonesque. That leaves me with Orgrimmar, to longtime Alliance players I can imagine Orgrimmar being one of the blandest cities, but not to me. It’s so big and majestic! Yep, I called the city of the Orcs majestic. The shape of the city itself is interesting, I reckon it’s difficult to get lost there as long as you ask a guard, the stealthed Trolls on the auction house roof, the zeppelin high above your heads, the drag, I love it. Really do.

So am I a Hordie at heart? Of course I am, I was always Horde in the past of course I’ll have a soft spot for the large bunch of misfits. It won’t stop me liking the Alliance mounts and races.