Across the interwebs, I am remembered by many names. Hadlo from those who knew me from my first guild on my Undead Warlock, maybe just one or two people now. Seithir by most people on Vashj, and during TBC, a little of Wrath in Endure, from my Shadow Priest. Fae from those who know me from Dice and a couple from Supreme. And of course, Jaedia from the general interwebs and Respice.

I find it important to choose a name that not only suits your character, but suits you, and this is not just for the roleplay guys. A name that won’t make you cringe in a few months time to be remembered by. I saw somebody on the forums called ‘Icrapmyself’, he says that no GM will call him by his name, just “Hey <you>” and would you really want to be remembered like that? So, how to choose your name?

One way to name a character is to just throw a jumble of letters together and see if they sound okay. This is how I named a lot of my characters, including Jaedia and Seithir. You have to be fairly sensible with this one because you could end up with a character name that sounds ridiculous, however, there is less likelihood of any name you decide on being taken.

Another direction you can take is to simply google things that are semi related to the game, your class, your race, or maybe even your abilities (i.e. nature, holy, shadow, rage, etc.) and find something to suit you that way. Of course, there is a high chance that a lot of these names will be taken but it’s worth a shot.

There are also some name generators out there you can have a play with, I don’t have any on hand but search for one or two and play around with them, I found my Cow Druid’s name from one of these.

Last but not least, baby naming sites. As stupid as you might feel looking at them to find a name for your fantasy rpg character, they have a very extensive list of names and you will probably find something you like there so long as staring at names beginning with the letter L doesn’t make your eyes go funny after a while.

So long as you find something that suits you, your character, and something that you’re comfortable with, then you have your name. How do you name your characters?