Well, sort of, about the fact that my next post would be WoW based. It wasn’t after all. This is less a post and more a quick note to clarify something, because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea. The ads are going up to help with RL stuff, I’m lucky to have a friend with some server space, he was kind enough to let me steal a little space. I don’t pay for my hosting, if I ever did I would move to free WordPress. We want to try to move along and get our own place, which for the past couple of years has drastically failed. We can afford food, and we have a roof over our heads but it’s only a temporary roof, it isn’t our roof, so any little thing I can do to help.. because I’m tired of things being static.

I wanted to make sure you guys know precisely why I’m putting ads up, because there’s nothing worse than somebody saying their ads are for one thing, but in reality they’re for something much more selfish. I guess that applies more to a donate button, but even so. I like to be honest.

Right, one WoW post coming up. Just need a topic, you know I spent so long fixing ads, the shop, and tidying and cleaning yesterday (okay and I watched an episode of Elfen Lied followed by an episode of Merlin after I’d cooked) that I didn’t even think about logging into WoW until it got late and I was turning off my PC to go and read my book? I kinda hope I get a little time over the weekend to PUG an Icecrown or two.

Final thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN. He’s an old fart today, leave him insulting comments or nice things if you must 😉