Was just having a little catch up and came across this. For some reason, I’ve always loved filling in questionnaires and if you don’t like it tough! So thank you to sorry caps for starting this one off. Yoink!

1. Raider, farmer, PvPer, or altoholic?

I’ve always been a raider. When I first started playing I asked what I was supposed to do when I hit max level, “Well, raid.” So, it was always embedded in my brain that that was the done thing. I got to 70, raided a little, rerolled, got to 70, raided a lot, got to 80, raided some more, then realised that there was more than just raiding. Getting to max level and just raiding, to me, is a bit like having the same thing for dinner every night every day. Sure, at first it’s new and exciting, tastes damn good and you never want to eat anything else, but after a while it starts to taste bland and you realise there are other foods you can eat instead. I still raid, though at the moment I stick to pugs, I PvP on a rare occasion, but I’m an altoholic. I do spend a lot of my time achievement whoring, collecting, farming, playing the auction house too, mind.

2. Favorite raid or dungeon?

Hmm.. Gonna have to be Black Temple. So well designed. Each boss encounter was fun, and the entire place brings back good memories. When I was raiding Black Temple in TBC on my Priest, that was when I enjoyed the game the most, so naturally, Black Temple reminds me a little of that.

3. Number one choice for a new playable race?

Gah, I don’t know, I’m pretty happy with the current races to be honest! I don’t at all care about Goblins and Worgens because I love my Elves, Humans, and Draenei. I guess Ogres could be kinda cool though, ha.

4. Class you suck the most at?

Shaman because I’ve never levelled one past 20? But then if I bothered, I might not suck! I dunno, really, I read enough to be average at whichever alt I play. I guess I’ll go with Druid, only really played Resto and Feral, but healing bad groups gets me stressy and I find cat so boring, so I’ve not really practised with it and therefore suck.

5. Original UI or modded UI?

Modded UI, but I really wish I could revert back to the original UI. Mods take up soo much memory and the game performs a heck of a lot better without them. Of course, Addon Control Panel is brilliant for turning off the stuff you don’t need in raids like QuestHelper, Auctioneer, etc. without having to worry about being kicked, but it doesn’t beat a nice, clean UI. However, I’ve used mods for so long I’ve become reliant on them and they really do help you with so many things. My DPS for example would be a lot lower without mods.

6. Profession you’ve never levelled past 200?

Think I’ve levelled every profession past 200 now. It was Blacksmithing for a while but I’ve levelled that on my Death Knight far enough to get all of the extra sockets.

7. Favorite flying mount?

I want to say the Phoenix but alas, I don’t own it. /pine. So I’ll say my Blue Proto Drake, who is absolutely awesome!

8. Nozdormu — friend or foe, you figure?

From what I’ve seen/read/heard, I’m gonna go with ‘foe’. However, more in a ‘he’s gone insane’ way.

9. Useless item you have in your bank that you’ll never get rid of?

Zomg, I have so many! Drakefire Amulet, the one from the Onyxia chain because you can’t get it anymore. Archmage Vargoth’s Staff because.. who doesn’t keep that one?! My tier 6 because it’s pretty, and my white tier 6 because it’s pretty. Dark Iron Smoking Pipe, I’ll never use it because it’s a crap trinket, but I love its’ use. All sorts of things like that.

10. Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. To be honest, the amount I spend on things like that all adds up. I’ve also bought 2 bikes, an Ice Mammoth, and paid 6k for a Hyacinth Macaw. If I could get something insanely awesome for 30k, like a 310%, 2-seater Phoenix mount, I so would. Most I’ve ever owned was about 66,000 gold, but that was after constant spending, so who knows how much I’ve really made.

11. Favorite starting area?

Eversong Woods. Has been since the day TBC was released. It’s so pretty and Elven, and the quests are brilliant for levelling fast.

12. Inane goal you worked hardest to achieve?

Hmm.. Loremaster, Blood Rare/Frostbitten, gearing up my Priest from Ulduar/TotC 10 gear after the arrival of gearscore, 2 Violet Proto Drakes. I’m an achievement whore who enjoys collecting stuff, I work pretty hard on just about everything I do.

13. Darion Mograine VS Tirion Fordring, gloves off — winner is?

Oh I don’t know.. Fordring is the fucking ASHBRINGER, but Mograine doesn’t wear a dress.. so who really knows?

14. Game music or your own playlist?

I turned off ingame sounds a few years ago to listen to my own music. That way I can sing along and get my crappy farming done.

15. Particular option or setting that you always toggle on a new alt/server?

Always used to be ‘instant quest text’ but that seems to be automatic now, and ‘automatically target self’ or whatever, for when you were buffing. Can’t think.. oh, I turn off ‘allow overlapping name plates’, and turn on ‘preview talent changes’. Overlapping name plates annoy me, and I mess up my talents from time to time.

16. Highest amount of levels gained in one play session?

I’ve been playing way too long to remember that! Besides, you can go from 1-20 much faster than you can go from 70-80.

17. Thing you’d most like to experience or see in-game?

Own a Phoenix mount, and kill the Lich King before the big 4.0 nerf that will inevitably come. I can’t even describe how much I love the Phoenix mount..

18. Worst PuG moment?

Only one I can remember was the other day when I was doing Lord Ahune for Dan who was away, and while waiting to hear which tabard he wanted me to take, the other group members started insulting me. In fact, bullying. For NO reason. I was about to report them but never got round to it. Also, yes, I’m naming and shaming, in this case I think it’s deserved and couldn’t care less.

19. Best dungeon/raid moment?

Killing Lady Vashj, Kael’thas, Illidan for the first time. It’s very likely that I just enjoyed the game more back then, but nothing now, for me, compares to that feeling of accomplishment.

20. Worst quest ever that you totally hate doing?

Ha. I say this about soo many quests. Escorts, any of them. Any quest where you have to kill things next to a totem, can think of 1 in Dustwallow, a few in Shadowmoon Valley and 1 in Borean Tundra, off the top of my head. HATE.

21. First thing you do when you hit 80?

Check to see what Rhonin sent me as a present and set Dalaran to my hearthstone and check if there are any BoEs I grabbed that I need to equip.

22. Character (of yours) you would RP as if you had to?

The only character I’ve ever considered RPing on is Jaedi, my Rogue, but I’d love to RP Seithir if she was on the right server. She’s been my main for the longest amount of time of any of my characters and has seen so much more. I feel like she’s developed a personality without even stopping to think about it, so it would only make sense.

23. Keyboard, mouse, or both for using abilities?

I use keybindings for spells, and mouse for turning, though I don’t bother keybinding everything, only the spells and abilities I’ll use regularly, or need in an ‘oh shit’ moment.

24. Thottbot or WoWhead?

Wowhead for life o/

25. Acronym you’ve seen in chat but don’t understand?

‘Rec’. I figure it means: mana break, rest, stop a sec. It’s always used when a healer wants to stop and mana up, but never figured out precisely what it means.

26. Plot point you’d like to see resolved someday?

Where did Maiev Shadowsong go? Are we going to be sent back to Uldum by the cows in Thunder Bluff, as they originally sent us over there with the wrong discs?

27. Biggest thing you’re looking forward to in Cataclysm?

Seeing everything for the first time! The new abilities and things are great and all, but there’s nothing quite like walking through to the new areas and seeing it for the very first time and discovering all of the quests as brand new. It feels like Christmas and I love it!

28. Guild event you’d like to see?

A lovely fun game of ‘punt the douches’! Ha. Um.. seriously? I don’t know, nothing really beats Supreme’s guild meetups, it’s just a lot of money to go to them, personally.

29. Level range you hate being in?

60-70. I can’t stand Outlands for some reason, it makes me level soo slowly. Perhaps it’s Hellfire, perhaps it’s the million Death Knights you come across, I don’t really know, but I’ve had 3 characters abandoned in Outlands in the past.

30. Favorite map to quest in?

I like Hinterlands. I find the zone pretty, and the quests are awesome for levelling. I tried to level here as Alliance and was greatly disappointed to find there were, like, 2 quests!