I never got around to telling you yesterday.

I won the Stranglethorn fishing contest! I got quite lucky to be honest. I started out quite close to Booty Bay, remembering there’s usually a pool or two by the bridge next to the pirates, and I had the entire stretch of beach by the naga to myself for about 10 minutes. I had 29 Tastyfish before I even saw anybody else! That was quite awesome. Some guy who started late decided to fish in my pool, but it was cool because I got my last one from his. I hurriedly handed in the quest, didn’t really check the rewards, just remembered it was a boring lucking fishing rod ((I’m quite happy with my Kal’uak one for the time being)) and a trinket that turns you into a fish. The trinket, I reckon, will be pretty nice for Cataclysm ((We’ve been assuming underwater stuff for months, this isn’t a spoiler)) though I didn’t think of this until I started swimming around in the water under Booty Bay. Had a few congrats in /1 as well, which was quite nice, didn’t expect that.

I’ll keep trying for the Kal’uak one because I’d like the heirloom ring, but it’s nice to finally have the achievement because I was worried I wouldn’t get it. I only need a rare fish and Lurker to get Salty now. Here’s a picture of the trinket’s results, it has no cooldown, aside from the 30 seconds when you equip it, and it will stay on you for as long as you’re underwater. It’s fun ^^