Here’s the second instalment of my ‘Playing Dress Up’ series of posts: ‘around the town’ – because you don’t really need to hang around town in your battle armour.

This is my Rogue’s around the town gear. I found the chest while I was levelling and I’ve been tweaking the outfit for a while to get it to a point I like. I may well change it again at some point, specifically the legs and boots, however this is what I have found and I had a few whistles while walking through Silvermoon so I guess it works. This is the only one that includes leather, the other 2 are using cloth items. If you like the chest, I’ve also found a yellow version and a blue version.

Chest: Blazewind Breastplate or Swashbuckler’s Breastplate
Shirt: Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt
Weapons (optional): Nordic Longshank & Outlaw Sabre (or another sabre style sword if you wish)
Belt: Sorcerer Sash or Windchaneller’s Ceinture
Legs: Basilisk Hide Pants
Feet: Worn Running Boots for the red option – Horde only or Tracker’s Boots for the green

Chest: Tracker’s Tunic
Weapons (optional): Nordic LongshankOutlaw Sabre (or another sabre style sword if you wish)
Belt: Sorcerer Sash or Windchaneller’s Ceinture
Legs: Basilisk Hide Pants
Feet: Tracker’s Boots

I’ve used this model before in my bank alt post, however, I didn’t use this particular colour because it’s a 60ish BoE green. I think it’s a lovely around the town dress, personally.

Chest: Astralaan Robe
Feet: Cross-Stitched Sandals

Here is my idea for casual dress useable by any class. The Junglewalker Sandals are pretty nice for Alliance, however, I’m Horde so I’ve gone with the Cross-Stitched Sandals instead.

Chest: Embersilk Tunic
Belt: Sorcerer Sash or Windchaneller’s Ceinture
Legs: Astralaan Pants
Feet: Cross-Stitched Sandals

If you have any recommendations for the next ‘Playing Dress Up’ post, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment! Perhaps if I have something in mind, it may be up sooner than this one was.