When I was a kid I loved reading. I loved what a book was, if that makes much sense. I liked to look at them, try to learn how to read the words, if I didn’t know one, I’d ask or use my dictionary to look it up. I loved the feel, the smell. I liked to write in them. Also, colour in them. It all depended on the book, but I loved them. As I grew up, my tastes in literature did too. I read Lord of the Rings when I was 13. When I was 15, 1984 became my favourite novel.

When I was 17, I was introduced to a game called World of Warcraft, and that really took up my reading time. I still loved going into charity shops, or Borders, and checking for books I could add to my collection, which as a result, I have a huge bookshelf full of books that I have never read.

At Christmas, I received the Twilight books. I quite enjoyed the first movie and was curious about the books, because heck, I still had a thing for reading even though I didn’t do it very often. I felt guilty that I didn’t read anymore when that was always my “thing”, reading and writing. Within a couple of months I had finished all 4 books, and whilst they weren’t the best set of literature I’ve ever laid my hands on, they did kind of rekindle my love for reading.. partly because I needed badly to wash the taste of the 4th book from my brain.

Followed by the ‘Tales of Beedle the Bard’, which I’d received for Christmas the year before, and then I tried to reread my Discworld books, which I hadn’t read since I was 13 or 14. Again, I struggled to find the time, especially with Dan changing his sleeping pattern. The time I’d usually be reading, he was trying to sleep and the light was off – the only other place I could read is the bathroom which is honestly a bit weird, to go and sit on the toilet pretty much just to read. I could use a reading light really, if I can find the spare cash sometime.

I’m trying though. I genuinely do want to read more. Just over a month ago, Dan went back to Wales for a week to spend his birthday with his family. He asked me to stay home because he hadn’t been back in so long, and in that time I read a book called ‘The Book Thief’, which was brilliant. I finished it fairly fast, and I’m now reading ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which I’m about halfway through, and is equally brilliant. The latter is also one I bought from a charity shop during my A levels, so it’s about time I finally read it!

If I can just keep stealing quiet moments during the day to read a chapter or two, then I will be able to stick to my goal of ‘read more’. I joined ‘Goodreads‘, which is a pretty nice way to keep track. I’ve added a lot of books I’ve read in the past.. 7 years ish, and I can keep up to date with what I’m reading these days too. I can probably grab a few recommendations when I run out of things to read, though, I doubt there’s much danger of that at the moment looking at the amount of unread books on my shelf. Do add me as a friend over there if you’re a member.

How often do you read? Do you wish you could read more?