I’m going to start with my second Violet Proto Drake. For me, it really HAS been a long strange trip, as I started Fae’s achievements alongside everybody else. I rerolled to my Priest in the first January, in which time I started them all on her, and then rerolled back to Fae in, I guess it was August or September, in which time I started doing them on Fae again. I kept doing my Priest’s so that I wouldn’t have the hassle of, “oh I wish I’d kept doing them” and I’m damn glad I thought that way now I’m back on her, but Fae had to wait until this Midsummer for her Violet Proto and I finally completed my goal today. Hooray!

My next priority was to knock out some raids on my Priest. I need a short WoW break, I cancelled my account the other night after getting a bit ragey because I didn’t want to be getting ragey, so I just stopped my account to take a breather. I might play a little Aion again, try out some things I didn’t get chance to, see what the new patch is like, or maybe I’ll just watch a bunch of anime, either way I’ll try to keep blogging while I’m on a break. My account time runs out on Sunday, so I gave myself a few priorities, and today I’ve managed to meet them. Fae’s achievements, and Seithir’s 4 set. I did a VoA25, then found an “8+ bosses, HC Gunship” group, figured I need to do ICC, what’s the worst that can happen? We cleared everything but Sindragosa and Lich King. After Dreamwalker the raid leader decided to leave it at that and honestly, I couldn’t care less that was an awesome pug! Heroic Festergut, Professor Putricide, all one shot? I’m still just a little in awe, and my measly 7-8k dps made me look like such a terrible player against these people! However, not only did it get my Ashen Verdict rep upto 9,000/21,000, it netted me enough emblems to complete my Tier 10 4 set, and I also managed to grab a token!! Squee. So that was nice, got a VoA10 out of the way too.

After the ICC, I found this little guy in my mailbox:

I’d been waiting all day for him to arrive, and if I could be bothered I’d show you the picture I took of the battered box and the ‘Please handle with care, fragile’ notice on it. My God they were lucky it was a plush toy. Anyway, once I got him ingame, I decided his name is Bertie. Yes, he’s a cuddly toy, so he needs a name. I spent a while playing with him, watching him run about and fly around. Bought a pet leesh and ran around a bit, then played some fetch. MY GOD this is the cutest thing since the Polar Bear Cub with a little red ball on his nose.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m gonna go with: SQUEE!!