As mentioned yesterday, I’m trying out Aion again during my break from WoW. I quite enjoyed it last time, but the rubberbanding threw me off, so thought I’d try again especially since they’ve patched quite a lot lately. The patch took me all day to install, not kidding, I started around 2pm and it ended around 8-9pm. However, I still had a few hours to get a bit of playtime in.

After much umming and ahhing, I ended up trying something new rather than continuing where I left off. I made myself an Elios Scout as I want to see what Assassin is like. I may end up picking my Asmodian Spiritmaster back up eventually because I’ve heard that they’ve added more quests later on to make it less grindy and I want to see this. Plus I was enjoying Spiritmaster I just grew bored of pink hair and pokemon.

I loaded in, moved forward a few steps, and the rubberbanding was worse than ever. So, I popped onto the Aion forums to see if there were any better servers and found an ‘Athlon Dual Core Optimiser’ which would supposedly fix it. I checked the source was reputable, downloaded it, installed it, logged back in and lo and behold it only went and bloody worked. So now I can play Aion without my character jumping backwards constantly and the NPCs aren’t all moving about 3 times their normal speed.

I got on with the quests, which were all very similar to the Asmodian, help us get food, kill these things ruining our livestock, help make our way of life better, oh you lost your memory didn’t you, lake, forest, mines, blah blah, but I guess that’s the basic starting zone of any fantasy MMO, so no complaints, even got myself the title ‘Tree Hugger’ – go me!

Then some guy with a name like.. ‘Masterelite’ or whatever started spam duelling me whenever he saw me, he was a couple of levels higher with better green gear. One time I duelled him to shut him up, the next time, “plz just for fun” – oh my God I’m still in WoW. “I don’t find it very fun” “I’ll give you 1000 kinah” “I want to get a couple of quests finished before I log, sorry” “I’ll give you 5000 kinah.” Why the heck he was so desperate to duel me that he was willing to offer me ingame money I couldn’t tell you.. but I don’t believe he really would have done and instead ran off to find Tutty (love those orange stripey piggies! Poor Tutty).

After not playing it for a while and getting rid of the rubberbanding issue, I’m finding it quite fun. Nice to trying something different once in a while.