I realise that most of you think I’m crazy for having 2 characters with Loremaster, and of course, it was a little bit dé jà vu, but I did most of it on my Priest early last year, then rerolled to my Hunter before I could finish Kalimdor. Of course, assuming I was sticking with my Hunter, I went through it all again, with the brains to realise it’d be best to do Kalimdor first THEN Eastern Kingdoms. When I went back to my Priest, I had 80 quests left until I had the achievement. Did you really think I was gonna leave it like that? Noway! Anyway, so, I’ve slacked a bit but finally:

I think when it gets to the point when you have 2 characters with Loremaster, you reach the point where ‘the Insane’ seems like an excellent idea. I just need to find a bit of insanity first.