Now I have your attention! I’m not quitting, just taking 2 or 3 weeks off to do other stuff. I want to try out Aion a little now the population has died down – I never really got bored of it before, just that I had a problem with rubberbanding and Brewfest came out, BREWFEST IS IMPORTANT. Besides, I hear they’ve patched a few things, like more quests to make it a bit less grindy. This time I might try an Elios, to see a few different quests, though I think we all know Asmodians are way cooler. Also have a pile of anime I want to watch, working through Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood now, after finishing Fullmetal Alchemist and the movie. Everybody keeps telling me that Brotherhood is much better and I wanted to see how they ended it in the new series! I’m weak. Was going to watch Clannad.

It seems that yesterday my friend got me a going away present. I sat waiting for this pug group to form for.. probably around 40 minutes, right as I was about to leave they magically filled the last 4 spots. By this point, I couldn’t be arsed. However, I’m too nice and don’t like to piss people off too much so I thought, meh, it’ll get it done. Cleared through the first room, got to the beginning of the last room and about every Skeletal.. whatever they’re called in the place aggroed. Of course, the tanks let the mobs run around the raid while they tried to pick those up and cleaved people, then we wiped. Ran back in, one tank ran off on his own grabbed a Skeletal Giant, cleaved the Warlock, both died and he screamed at the healers, who were nowhere near him. Then everybody left, hallelujah. One guy decided to call that tank a ‘nigger tard’, and I decided to report his ass – don’t you love reporting douches? I decided to log off for a bit, watch something while my flask was on, and my friend popped up on msn asking if I wanted to join his guild’s alt/main ICC 10 raid.

I wasn’t on vent for the entire thing (do need to sort that out), but even so, we got a bunch of hardmodes done ((just missed Saurfang, Putricide, Blood Princes, and the last 3)) and on Gunship, lo and behold, I finally managed to replace the bloody Sundial! *hugs Muradin’s Spyglass* I actually think this may have been one of the happiest moments in WoW, as I have never had good trinket luck in my entire time of playing.

Next, I do my usual squeeling over Stinky (because he is way better than Precious *nod*), then murdering Precious, and woop it’s my loot, and oh, nice one. Precious’s Ribbon.

By this point I’d also worked out why my game kept freezing when we pulled certain bosses, Gunship, Blood Princes, and Dreamwalker, had happened in the last ICC raid I did too. Each one has a health box in the UI, so you can see how much health the gunships are at, how much health the Princes have, how much health Dreamwalker has. Each one of them froze my game on pull. ((have run a WoW repair now, so hopefully that’s fixed for when I come back))

Finally, we killed Sindragosa, which was in fact the first time I’ve seen her dead, and then Lich King tries. Wow, suddenly quite glad I read the tactics and watched the TankSpot video back when I joined Supreme because I have an inkling on what’s going to happen. My friend also explained the way they do it to me in whispers, and to be honest, it doesn’t sound like a hard fight at all. Run to adds with the debuff, go on the ledge, kill adds, move off ledge kill Val’kyr and move out of shit on the floor, move back to ledge, kill adds, finish off adds, kill Lich King, move out of shit on floor. I think we wiped 3 times and then downed it. Honestly, I may have been just a little speechless. I didn’t expect to kill the Lich King before the 4.0 mega nerf patch, maybe even 85, so killing it when I was actually able to take part properly and not feel boosted (25% buff helped, obviously, but you get my point) was absolutely amazing! So now I’m a Kingslayer, and I’m hugely grateful to my friend for getting me the raid spot, I had a really good time and achieved a few things I never expected. I’m still going to use ‘Hand of A’dal’ because that is my favourite title, but it’s nice to know I have it.

You know something? I finally feel a little proud of my character again. She has geared up nicely because I’ve put in a lot of effort, I loves her Brewfest Ram, and Windrider Cub, and she has achieved things that my Hunter hasn’t. Now I’m going to take a break so that I can continue playing without taking things quite so seriously, and I don’t intend to stop blogging. I may even mention a few non-WoW related things, for starters, I’d like to talk a little about my initial thoughts about Aion this time around possibly, but don’t worry, it’ll only be 2 or 3 weeks.