A lot of people have asked me how I go about making gold. They aren’t sure where to start, or where to look for these tips and ideas. This is the method of gold making that I have found works well for me, but of course, there are many different ways you can make gold. Everybody needs to start somewhere so, hopefully this is a nice starting point for you if you need it, or perhaps a couple of ideas you hadn’t come across before. Either way I hope this is helpful.

Getting Started

In the beginning, it’s important to know a few things. Quests will give you money and rewards, often, the rewards won’t be worth using, but you can hover over each reward to check which will vendor for the most. If you’re an enchanter, you can also disenchant any green or blue rewards that you don’t need. Greys vendor for more than white items, and are completely useless. Hold onto them to vendor, and make a habit of keeping on top of your bag space whenever you’re near a vendor. White items can be useful, it may be worth checking the auction house or wowhead to see how useful certain white items are. For example, the Giant Eggs that can drop from level 40-60 ish mobs are used for a cooking quest at 250 cooking skill, these can sell for a little bit on the auction house.


You might like to start by finishing off a few quest areas if you’re high level. The amount of gold you can gather from clearing Icecrown/Storm Peaks, etc. is fairly high, especially when you include quest rewards, drops, and any gatherables if you have a gathering profession.

Daily quests, as well, are a decent way to make gold. You can do 25 daily quests a day, each one will give roughly 13g each, if you completed 25 every day, that gives 325 gold roughly, give or take. Some will give more, some will give less, it’s probably best to try a few and see which ones you can complete fastest for the most profit.

This guide over at Ten Ton Hammer, whilst a little out of date (quests 8 and 9 are no longer available), is a decent guideline. It’s worth noting that the Argent Tournament is a nice little quest hub, especially once you’re able to do the champion and Crusader dailies. Also, random dungeons for the first one you complete at level 80 give 26g, the next few for the rest of the day will give 13g, these are another good way to earn gold.

The Auction House

There are auction houses in every race’s capital city. There isn’t one in Shattrath, and there isn’t one in Dalaran unless you’re a high level Engineer. There are also neutral auction houses in Gadgetzan (Tanaris), Everlook (Winterspring), and Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale), all of these are Goblin towns. Neutral auction houses allow you to trade between Horde and Alliance, which you cannot do with the regular auction house. You can use this to trade between your characters, or perhaps pick up a good deal once in a while.

You can sell just about anything on the auction house, and you can watch your server’s markets for what is going to sell the best. Interesting looking items of clothing, for example, will sell much better on RP servers than on non-RP servers. When you’re getting started, you’ll want to focus on just a few items. Use your professions, choose something that will sell, like Belt Buckles, Netherweave Bags, flasks, things that are in high demand, and only undercut by 1 copper, there is no need to undercut by more, after a few hundred auctions it will add up.


It’s worthwhile having a bank alt, a character purely used to store items, and auction, though not necessary, however, most auctioneers use a bank alt. Usually a discarded alt, or a specifically created character. I’d recommend giving it a name that you might give to a character, or [name]bank, rather than a keyboard mashing name. Though I don’t have any proof that it makes much difference, I’m sure one or two people might avoid buying from somebody whose bank alt looks very likely to be a gold seller. If you can afford to, fill your bag slots and bank slots with 20 slot bags, if not, use whatever you can get your hands on at first and build up.

Another useful venture, once you start storing more items than your bags and bank can hold, is a guild bank. You can buy a charter, get 10 signatures (even if you pay people 5g, give or take, for a signature), and purchase a guild bank tab to use for storing your items. As space becomes more tight, you can buy more tabs as you feel is necessary.


Finally, you might find it a bit easier to use a few mods. Personally, I use Auctioneer, Market Watch, Postal, and Auction Profit. I only use these on my bank alt, as they’re a lot of memory to keep activated on my other characters as well. Addon Control Panel is great if you use a character that you play as well as your bank alt. This enable you to activate/deactivate mods by simply reloading, saving you from logging out, which I’ve found very useful when joining pugs. When setting up my mods I followed this guide to install the mods, and this guide on how to make good use from them.

I hope I’ve been of some help, go ahead and find some economy blogs for further tips, the Just My 2 Copper forums can be quite good to browse. Find out what works best for you on your server, test different methods, because everybody has slightly different ways of making gold.