My blogaversary was yesterday! I actually completely forgot, posted yesterday’s post, and then checked the date and remembered. It’s been one year since I made my first post and to be very honest, looking back at the first few months of my blog, I really cringe. I wanted to delete a lot of it but NDMiko and Cynwise told me I wasn’t allowed so it’s all there, in it’s cringeworthy form. I think around November/December I started to improve a little, but it was a very gradual improvement, which I’m not totally convinced is much better but apparently you guys like it so no worries!

My first post was about my Hunter soloing the raptor boss in Zul’gurub, which can be found here.ย Hey, we’ve all got to start somewhere. I originally wrote this on my free WordPress blog, which was ‘hunterstuff’, but fairly quickly moved to a hosted option. I’m glad I did in hindsight, I’ve really made some good use out of my hosting and had some fun playing with themes and plugins. I’ve always been very bad at keeping on top of these kinds of projects too, so I am incredibly surprised I’ve stuck with it for a whole year now without any real gaps in posting due to being bored of blogging.

If I’m honest, I doubt I’d have kept with it if it wasn’t for the amazing community WoW blogging has, through Blog Azeroth, Single Abstract Noun, Twitter, and of course just generally joining in with discussions on blogs themselves. There are some absolutely brilliant bloggers who I have followed almost religiously and hopefully learnt a lot about blogging from, and they’ve also kept me entertained when I needed it. The Twitter community is absolutely great, and I love you all to bits. I’m not going to mention names because I will forget people and there are way too many to list, so use your imaginations! You’re probably on the list.

I know Windsoar did a hire a muse theme for her 6 month blogaversary, and around Christmas both Tam and Syrana did a ‘share the blogging syphilis’. All of them were offering to give bloggers individual blog topics based on the blogger’s personality, likes, dislikes, and every time it was really fun! I’m pretty terrible of thinking of topics myself, however, if you’d like a topic, feel free to ask and I’ll flail at your blogs for a bit until I come up with something! Just leave a comment or contact me.

On a slightly less related note, I helped Vidyala by helping to judge her Paladin fashion contest. There were some excellent entries, and a couple that really made me laugh, so it was very difficult to judge, but it was worth it, I enjoyed it. As a thank you, she has drawn my Priest! I entirely did not expect this and it is stunning, I’ve always loved her artwork, so a huge thank you to Vidyala, I love it! We may see a new header here at some point in the future.