First of all, I’m going to have to apologise for the mess.. again. Yes, seeing as I’m planning a new header, and that I’ve never been completely crazy about my current theme, I have decided to go with a new theme. I’ve found one which looks a lot tidier and should hopefully clean up my sidebar a bit (3 columns!), so I’ll get on with that soon along with a bunch of things I want to do in order to just tidy the place up, and hopefully this time I’ll stick with it, the theme isn’t too simple or too “complicated”, so I should hopefully be pretty happy with it, without wanted to fiddle with the CSS and then getting frustrated because I’m too bad at CSS. Anyway, back to the post.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, in fact I probably haven’t, but a few months ago we decided that the best way for us to enjoy the game was to make our own guild for Cataclysm. Especially when they announced the change to 25 man and 10 man raiding, one lockout per raid per week, we knew we’d be able to settle down with a few friends and raid some 10s. So, for months we tried to come up with a guild name, to no avail, everything one of us said we liked, another didn’t.

The plan almost fell apart, which probably would have led to me eventually quitting not too far into Cataclysm, until a few weeks ago when we went to have a bit of lunch before seeing a movie (Inception) at the cinema, we sat and discussed all sorts of Cataclysm based plans and decided in the end to stay on our current server (Vashj, PvP, EU). It’s not an ideal server, by any means, but we all have a bunch of alts here with different professions, and it would have been a lot of effort to move however many people decide to join come the expansion. Plus there are a few people who might be joining who wouldn’t have moved. Finally, we discussed the guild name again, and decided on ‘SlashPat’.

We won’t be doing any raiding until Cataclysm, perhaps a little in 4.0 before the expansion actually hits while we wait around but right now we don’t have the people, and aren’t really interested yet. We still need to sort the ranks out, and the guild website ((which I’m going to be dealing with. Dan’s asked for a simple guildomatic site though I wouldn’t mind using something else, something more customiseable, either way I have plenty of time to sort it and a lot of other things to do in the meantime)), but we are also going to be looking for a few social members. People who aren’t too interested in raiding, perhaps one or two that can fill in for people when they’re away but that’s something to sort another time, who would like somewhere relaxed to be while they play the game they want to play. It would be awfully nice to play Cataclysm with a social aspect to the guild, as well as the raiding aspect.

At the moment we only have 5 members, and we’re not exactly recruiting yet, we might still need one or two raiders as well, it depends on who decides they’re joining and who doesn’t, but if it sounds interesting, keep us in mind. We plan to have fun while we raid, and we’d also like to get the job done, do the hardmodes and achievements, so when we do start looking for raiding members, we want serious raiders who want to have a laugh, basically. Our social members, of course, don’t need to be serious raiders, just be friendly and a bit social!