A friend of mine ingame, Candy, got his Paladin to 75. It was always his pride and joy, after the amount of time he put into it in vanilla, I really can’t blame him! He asked me, “What level can I do the Ring of Blood thingy?” I said 75, and off we went a little bit later. Of course I took Soupdragon, mostly because it’s much easier to be smacked in the face and Death Strike than to remember a class I haven’t played in a while. While I was waiting, I noticed a couple of players had wiped on the last bit of the Ampitheater quests and the mammoth was just standing there, obviously bugged. They seemed to be struggling so I decided I’d let them sort it out, tag it, and I’d tank it for them, however, the Warlock jumped in the mammoth and stupidly I attacked the other guy.. and tagged it. It was a bit of a mess, we all died, ran back over, I hopped into their group, helped kill it then got on with helping Candy, who was pretty damn happy to get a new hitty stick.

A little before that, while I was flying around on my Gryphon (this is important, I’ve played as Horde for so long the default Gryphon mounts Alliance get are, to me, gorgeous and I’m so jealous!), I noticed something I’d never stopped to be able to notice before. In the Ampitheater of Anguish, and I guess you’ve all seen this, but I’m an unobservant doofus sometimes, there is an audience. Walking around the audience is a Goblin vendor who sells snacks and occasionally lobs a bag of peanuts at one of the spectators! I thought this was excellent, and I wish I’d noticed it all of those times I’d been here before.