I started levelling my Rogue right near the beginning of SAN coming into existence, and yesterday afternoon she finally hit 80. It’s taken me a lot longer than previous characters because I’ve also been trying to complete a few goals on my Bucket List, which is going really well and there are only a couple of achievements left that I haven’t finished by now, and also because I did it without heirlooms which sucked a fair bit by the time she reached Outlands. She hit level 80 already with 42 Emblems of Triumph and has since taken part in a few heroic runs with the lovely people of Single Abstract Noun. It’s fun!

It’s taken me 3 days to get exalted with the Sons of Hodir, which I’m damn glad about because that’s a big grind I didn’t want to have to do. They really have increased the rate you gain reputation with them now. I’m also working on Ebon Blade and the Tournament dailies too. While reading around, trying to learn a few things about the Rogue class so that I’m not completely clueless, I found an awesome Rogue blog, PVE Rogues, which is full of helpful guides, it’s really helped me a lot.

Another thing, I don’t suppose you remember me wanting to see how much gold I could make while levelling a new character with no outside help? The idea that eventually failed because I couldn’t resist the lure of heirlooms and gold from my other characters but knew that starting on a new server would have got me nowhere. Well, this is basically the same thing. By the time I was level 77, I could afford Cold Weather and epic flying skill. Right now, I have around 14k gold. This has been with minor outside help from the SAN guild bank, but mostly from selling things on the auction house while I levelled. So there’s the result of that little experiment, you can quite easily make enough gold to get by while you level.