The Thorium Brotherhood are a guild of elite craftsmen and women who originally resided in Ironforge, but during the War of the Three Hammers sided with the Dark Iron Dwarves. When the Dark Iron Dwarves were enslaved by Ragnaros, the Thorium Brotherhood broke free. Afterwards, they resided in Searing Gorge close to the materials they needed for their branch of crafting, and able to overlook the enslaved Dark Iron Dwarves of the quarry.

These days, it seems that the Thorium Brotherhood is one of the most pointless factions to be exalted with, giving no achievement, although, it’s also probably one of the easiest, and therefore you may find it useful to gain reputation with if you’re aiming for the Exalted.

If you’re looking for the rewards you can receive from Thorium Brotherhood reputation, Lokhtos Darkbargainer, an NPC within Blackrock Depths, sells a few recipes and patterns which are available at various reputation points. Of course, I believe, the main “useful” item you can receive from this reputation is the Blacksmithing plans for the Sulfuron Hammer, which is required to make Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. You can receive them by completing this quest, which gives 1000 reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood.

Today, I decided that I’d finally throw all of the cores I’ve been collecting during our weekly Molten Core rep clears at some Dwarves and see what happened. In short, I’ve been aiming for 40 exalteds for a while, I’ve just been slacking a little bit. This one gets me upto 39, so that I can get my 40 achievement when I get that last 1000ish rep with the Ashen Verdict! It also satisfies the completionist in me, because yes, I could also have finished off my Consortium rep for the same result.

To finish this one off from 0/3000 neutral, I started by completing every quest at Thorium point. After that was done, I handed in Restoring Fiery Flux Supplies via Iron 30 times to get to friendly. I chose Iron Bars because they were the cheapest on my auction house and I didn’t fancy farming 120 Iron Bars/Kingsblood, do check the prices of Iron Bars/Ore, Kingsblood, and Heavy Leather on your server before making your decision.

From friendly, I needed to hand in 960 Dark Iron Residue. This can be pretty cheap on the auction house so you may want to check there first, if not you can farm that much in a couple of BRD runs, easily. I did 9 Gaining Even More Acceptance hand ins, and Gaining Acceptance hand ins until I hit honoured.

Then the fun begins. Well, it depends on how easily you can get your hands on Fiery Cores and/or Lava Cores. These drop from trash and bosses in Molten Core. Personally, I’ve been collecting them for a fair few weeks but if you haven’t been you could start farming the trash, or check the auction house, I believe on most servers they will sell for around 40g each, more or less, it depends on how much you’re willing to spend and how much time you can put in. From honoured to exalted, you will need 30 cores.

As I had all of the cores (and then some), all I had to do was finish the quests, which also netted me the remaining Incendasaur Scales, and farm 460 Dark Iron Residue, as the auction house didn’t quite have enough, and overall it only took a few hours.