And that’s a good start!

Thing I love the most about her? Turquoise tongue!!

I think I’ve spent an hour here and there in the past flying around but I’ve never solidly farmed it, when I woke up this morning around 6am and struggled to get back to sleep, I was in 2 minds over whether I should just get up and farm the Time Lost but alas, I was too comfy and went back to sleep after an hour or so. When I did get up, I headed straight for the Storm Peaks. Every once in a while I’d start flying around a bit but I mostly sat towards the top of Bor’s Breath, which is exactly where I was when my NPC Scan started flashing. I’d actually just popped downstairs to sort out the washing, so it had flown off a little by the time I saw it, but 310% mount + nobody around meant that I got lucky! Being a Shadow Priest helped immensely – I jumped off my mount, pressed Levitate, and Shadow Word Pain as fast as I could, shoved a couple of heals on myself and a shield and then kill and loot! It’s so gorgeous I can’t wait until it becomes a 310% mount in Cataclysm ((because I already have a 310% mount)) so that I can actually properly use it! Squee!

I think the 3 or 4 hours I sat waiting for it before it spawned made up a little for the year and a half of zero tiger mount luck. I believe it’s time I had a little more luck with mount RNG, I’m trying to get my collection up a bit and I’m only 4 off the 100, and the past few months I’ve seen nothing. I’m aiming for the Dragonhawk next from the Champion’s Seals and I’m fairly regularly doing the Polar Bear daily, Baron runs, and fishing for the turtle, as well as ZG resets. Yeah, there are a lot more I’m after but if I listed them, that wouldn’t be particularly interesting to read, so I’ll spare you and just say how bloody ecstatic I am.