Insert long boring ramble about how it’s pre-Cataclysm and I have nothing particularly interesting to post, and sorry for that, here.

I really adored the Troll invasion of Echo Isles, it was so epic and introduced me to a bit of Troll lore, but I don’t really want to spoilerise it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. And, did I ever tell you how much I’d love a Bat mount? Gief!

Also, I decided to share a bit of my art with you. Now I know, I’m pretty amazing, so please don’t be too jealous of my high skills, and don’t mock Henry, he was bullied a lot in school (get it? No.. I guess that doesn’t work.. /sigh).

Yeah, I posted some filler, and I don’t care because I got to post Henry! He’s so happy.