Hey guys, happy Monday. I’ve decided to do another caption contest as the last one I did was so fun. It’s taken me a while to find a screenshot that could be suitable for this kind of thing. As for prizes I don’t have much I can give, though perhaps I can fiddle with something in photoshop if you like? I’ll leave it upto the winning entrant, whether they would like a blog header, forum signature, twitter avatar, or anything like that. You’re probably better with graphical design than I am. Anyway, the screenshot you’ll be captioning:

Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and I’ll give it two weeks to give everybody plenty of time to join in before I post the entries (please tell me if you want to remain anonymous) and choose a winner.

Also, I’d like your input on my next gold making post. I have the baseline, which is basically continuing on from where the last one left off – different strategies on how to make the gold, but I’d like to know if you have any questions you’d like answered in it. If you do, it would be a great help, and hopefully the guide will be up a bit quicker. Leave any questions you may have in the comments, or you can send me a mail, or a tweet, whatever you prefer.