So I took your advice, I logged in last night and made my way to Theramore. Okay, originally I headed to Booty Bay so that I could boat to Ratchett and run to Dustwallow but it was pointed out to me that I’m an idiot and there’s a boat from the Wetlands, but in the end I got there. I had been there before, I’ve done the Horde and faction neutral quests on every character that passed through those levels, and on my first Draenei Hunter I had done a couple of quests in Theramore before moving on.. possibly to Stranglethorn Vale, I can’t remember. Anyway, I got on with it. I roused the Agitators, stole the propaganda, spread the propaganda, killed some pirates, and a little later on spoke to Jaina, who, for once, didn’t cry, but man that quest ended abruptly! What a frustrating so and so she is.

And why is this guy wearing a blank guild tabard? He’s clearly in a guild.

I guess I’ll go and finish off what I was doing today, I still have yet to go and talk to Nat Pagle, and I haven’t found a quest requiring the use of cannons yet! I can’t leave without shooting people with cannons, there’s something not right in that.