I really do have the levelling bug. I have 10 characters on Vashj (2 I could delete if I wanted), 8 on Terenas, and I think 5 on Argent Dawn. A lot of those are characters I created for the fun of it and never actually played, but I love alts. I have 7 at 80, 2 over 70, 1 quite close to 60, 3 in their 30s. This time? I finally got around to levelling my baby Draenei Shaman.

You may or may not remember her from a few months ago. I had decided to level her as Elemental, and a healer in instances a long time ago, I’d just never really got around to getting started, so when Dan said he wanted to level another Warrior on Alliance side, and on Terenas with me and Candy, I finished off a couple of levels to get her to 15 so I could join him a little as a healer ((it was between her and my level 14 Night Elf Druid, but I have a Resto Druid at 71 already)).

We didn’t really intend to level all the way together, we’re definitely not questing together, we both prefer to level solo in general, but the random dungeons we’re doing are fun. He can tank, I can Ele-heal. That pretty much consists of a lot of Fire Novaing, Chain Lightning, and the odd Lesser Heal being thrown around, perhaps a Healing Stream Totem, and I’m usually 2nd or 3rd on dps and it’s really fun! *cough* We’re getting things done fast, and effectively, with no deaths – well, I say no deaths, I did let a Priest die the other day because he kept pulling even after we asked him to stop, quite politely, twice. Dan didn’t want me to res him but I’m not for slowing down the dungeon and causing issues that much, letting him die was good enough for me. However, in my hesitation when he said, “res pls healer” (you understand, right?), the Druid ressed him, I still have yet to actually use my resurrection.

I have tried to get a few quests done as well, though I have an issue with Alliance levelling. Where the heck are the best places to go between 30-40?! I waggled over to Stranglethorn Vale only to remember there were even less quests there than there are for Horde in the early 30s, there seems to be the same back and forth between quest and questgiver issue in Arathi Highlands and Desolace, and it has really made me appreciate the random dungeon finder. However, I am giving Highlands a go, and much to my dismay, these damn Kobolds kept trying to kill my totem!

We do seem to be levelling pretty fast, which I guess is to be expected with this many heirlooms and kickassery, and I’m quite okay with that. Yesterday I got from level 30 to level 35, and I still got a little over an hour’s worth of reading done. What I’d quite like is to hit 80 before Cataclysm so that I have the chance to try a different max level healer ((I tried holy Paladin for a while. At the beginning, when it was all heroics, Naxxramas, and Sartharion I was fine, but the second I entered Trial of the Champion there was much flailing and many tears, so we’ll leave that chapter behind)) before Cataclysm turns it into something scary. I also might possibly want a skirt.

I also got distracted in Ironforge for just a few seconds and oops, toasted Elekk. I’ve been fiddling around with the Alliance since Ulduar was still new, so I didn’t actually expect to ever fall in here, or, for a little bit, know there was a ramp. I didn’t panic too much mind you, because I’m a Shaman with Inscription, I have 3 fricking hearthstones!