You know, I’ve pretty much given up on my ‘Reading List’ page. It’s fiddly to keep sorted, and I’m keeping my Goodreads profile updated so I don’t entirely see the point any more. I’m just kind of glad that I’ve actually kept with the reading this time. I finished Colour of Magic and read The Light Fantastic in a few days, then decided, as I’d already started it a while back, that I should get on with reading the Sword of Shannara.

This book, as I own the triology in one book, is huge. It’s 1200 pages, those pages are quite big and average sized text I guess, it’s neither small or big. To read roughly 10 pages, a chapter, it takes me about an hour. That’s not really anything huge I guess, I’m quite a slow reader, but his writing style doesn’t help. For years I’ve heard people say on various authors, “the problem with their book is that they take too long to describe things, it makes it difficult to read,” and I never entirely understood what they meant, none of the authors they mentioned really seemed to do this, until I picked up Terry Brooks. It took him 2 pages to describe the landscape and what the weather is like and as aforementioned that’s probably 3 or 4 pages in a normal sized book. Though the story is good and I am enjoying it, it’s taking me a long time to get through. When they get to a bit where stuff happens, the action scenes, namely, or a bit of dialogue, it’s much more fun to read through. I want to know where the story is going to go, which I guess is the main thing when you’re reading, but as there is this trilogy, and 4 books afterwards as well, I believe he’s releasing another one soon, I won’t be reading the Elfstones just yet.