Hey guys, The Lazy Sniper has been down for a while due to server switching, huge domain issues, and having to rush off for real life stuff for a couple of weeks. If you’ve been following me here (clicky, clicky) or on Twitter, you probably know the drill. Seeing as lazy-sniper.com became locked (unless I paid my previous host an extortionate amount of money.. yeah no thanks), it was pointed out to me that perhaps this was a brilliant time to finally go through that name change I’d considered back when I switched from my Hunter to my Shadow Priest. After a heck of a lot of umming and ahhing and not actually being in front of a PC, I finally decided on ‘Jaedia’s Menagerie’. Why? Because I’m a massive pet collecting freak. And mounts too.

The theme stays, I just need to fiddle around with the header a little.. maybe, and work out how to get all of my images pointing to the right URL so that my pages don’t look so, well, dead. Yes, I am aware that almost all of my images are broken aside from the 2 I have manually fixed (the header and the signature). So update any bookmarks or links you may have, you’ve got the name and you can link to the following:

  • menagerie.jaedia.net

Sorry for such a long hiatus! It was really out of my hands, but I’m back now. My blogging may be a little lax at the moment during the pre-expansion lull (yes, I’ve hit that, but I’m still playing a little), however, I am still here, and I will still be blogging. Feel free to spread the word if you like about the name and url change.

Update: I completely forgot to mention RSS feed, I have redirected the old feed to the new address (thank you for reminding me, Poneria!), so hopefully you won’t have to change your feed address unless you were using the default feed. Feedburner won’t need to be changed though, that is still: