Um… Yeah. I’m already flailing around about plot and writer’s block and I haven’t even started yet. Gonna need something to calm me down this month!

The thing is, I’ve always wanted to write. Always. Think I decided I wanted to be an author when I grew up when I was about 13, and everybody was always amazed by this because I didn’t want to be a hairdresser, or a vet, or a fashion designer, I wanted to write. The funny thing about it? Yeah, I’ve never written a novel – never even got past the first chapter of anything I’ve tried to write. I think originally it’s because I wanted to write about a school for studying magic, and then I discovered Harry Potter and was annoyed for a while that J.K. Rowling obviously stole my idea. Yeah. I was a strange child. Hadn’t even heard of The Worst Witch at that point, I discovered that one when I was about 13.

So, with the information that I’ve always want to be a published author (however successful or un, I just wanted to be published, call it a life goal), and the fact that I’ve never really got into writing a novel before, in comes NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), with its’ promises of fun, and goals to meet, and that by the end you’ll have some kind of manuscript you can go back and edit and perhaps use. It’s the perfect opportunity really to get started. I’ll have written my first novel, finally, however bad it might end up, I’m hoping it opens up the floodgates for future writing opportunities – hey, we can dream, right?

Well anyway, I’ve got my plan laid out near enough I just need to work on my plotline check list thingy by Monday and get cracking. Even if I am unsuccessful, which of course I’m hoping I won’t be, I’m really looking forward to it. I love writing and I can’t wait to see how this story turns out, because at the moment it’s too dark so I need to add some fluff to lighten it up a bit, and I’m interested to see where that goes, and how the conversations and relationships play out, how likeable the main character will be, I’m excited! I’d start now if it wasn’t against the rules but alas.

If you wonder where I’ve got to in November, well, you can see from the widget at the top of my sidebar, in both blogs. Hopefully that should show my word count progress throughout the month. If not I’ll have a fiddle when it gets started. Wish me luck! Oh, and if you’re participating, the widget links to my NaNo profile, or just search for Jaedia 🙂