And why my game sucks. A tale of disconnects and not-drake-getting woe.

It was a normal night in Dalaran. I’d just Trick or Treated and got yet more bloody candy, people were whining in trade about something or other, and Dan was talking about Paladin tanks. When all of a sudden he turned around and said, “I’m going to do a heroic, want in?”

I didn’t reply straight away, which led to Dan then saying, “I can do one on my own if you want?”

To which I replied, “Hell no, invite me, somebody needs to top the meters.” Yes, I am enjoying the overpowerediness of Shadow Priests at the moment, you would too if you played one in TBC.. the memories of Moonkins overtaking me on damage still haunts me to this day.

So we queued up, and of course, the group popped up almost instantly, for Dan isn’t just a Paladin, he is a Protection Paladin! That means he gets punched in the face a lot.

Then we see this:

“Hoorah!” Said we, for that was indeed the main reason we still do random heroics – we both want to ride the Reins of the Blue Internet Dragon.

We entered, and meeted and greeted, and I immediately decided that the Warlock was my favourite because he said, “Hello :)” which had a smiley face, and everybody likes smiley faces. The Rogue ran ahead, Dan cursed, and onwards we went – nothing really out of the ordinary.

I grabbed myself a green internet dragon, as did the Warlock, which was lucky when you learn what happened.

We pulled the last boss, who happened to be a particularly large blue internet dragon (see: above), and all was going well, until I saw: “You have been disconnected from the server.” I got back in pretty swiftly, not wishing to miss my chance at flying on the Reins of the Blue Internet Dragon, but my loading screen was stuck. I had to alt-f4 and try again. I’d missed most of the fight, so it really was lucky that we had two green internet dragons and not just one. This time I loaded in, and really, by this point, you’d think it would be the glorious moment.

It wasn’t. I was sad.

The End.