This is a little something I wrote a while ago, thought I’d post it. Admittedly, it was never really going anywhere, but hopefully one day I’ll stick an ending on it. Go easy on me!

In the pale twilight she waited, but for what she was unsure, she was just aware that whatever it was, it was desperately important. Her bright, chestnut hair fluttered in the breeze as she stared into the distance, watching the birds dance through the sky. The glow of her green eyes pierced the horizon.

Every evening she would sit here, in Eversong Woods, watching the sun set, waiting for the night to fall waiting for something to happen. It never did.

The moment the sky would turn to purple, she would mount her Ram, Cern, and start heading back towards the lustrous Silvermoon City.

“Back again are we, Miss Seithir?” The heady Innkeeper shouted over the din of the bar noise.

The young Blood Elf girl simply rolled her eyes and sat in the corner, shortly after a glass of pinoit appearing in front of her. This was the regular order of her day. She had no time for these drunks and maniacs, she had a dream to chase and she wasn’t about to stop until she’d caught it full pelt.

Once upon a time, this bar, this city in fact, was fairly strictly full of Blood Elves. No Alliance would enter any more, no Horde could enter without losing their heads. These days, the races of the Horde seemed to quite happily mix, or at least, attempt to, with the Blood Elves of Silvermoon City. Seithir watched as a red haired Troll hit on a curly haired, blonde Blood Elf just across from her. She found this amusing, they always received the same answer. Smack. “Sorry t’ bother ye..”