I’ve really been trying to get back into blogging lately, I’ve had a lot of time off because of.. life..things.. and I’ve struggled to get going again. This blog has always been my little side-project, for my non-Warcraft related ramblings, because The Lazy Sniper (now Jaedia’s Menagerie) was always my big project. I started it on a whim, read more, joined in with the community, and I really, really enjoyed it, but lately I can’t write. I’m not enjoying the game enough to think of anything even vaguely entertaining to write, and in all honesty, life is kicking my arse a little bit which also gets in the way of my writing.

I’d like to keep blogging, because if I stop I will get out of the habit and find it even harder to get back into, so perhaps I should get myself to use this one a little more – at least in the meantime, I’m hoping the release of Cataclysm will rekindle my love for Warcraftian blogging. In WoW, I’ve been making gold (about 100k of it), Trick or Treating for the masks, doing a few instances, playing my Ret Paladin a bit more since they became awesome, taming rares on my Hunter and a little Recruit-A-Friend levelling. Usually, I’d find things within those themes to write about, but the inspiration is not just not hitting me, but downright avoiding me. Harsh. Everywhere else, I’ve been watching.. things, TV based things, reading a fair bit, meeting up with friends, working in the charity shop, catching colds and tummy bugs, and considering joining in with NaNoWriMo this year. I think there is a small possibility that I could squeeze a few blog posts out of that stuff.

If you’d care to follow my rantings on either blog, which I hope to continue with, I urge you to follow both (unless you don’t give a crap about Warcraft in which case, fair enough). The feeds haven’t changed, only the URLs:

Please update any bookmarks or links, and if you have any tips for beating the “blogging blahs”, please, please let me know!

PS. I love Maria V. Snyder. Poison Study and the resulting series of books have been awesome to read, her story is interesting and her writing style is comfortable. Could do with a fantasy break, but I will be reading Assassin’s Apprentice soon. I’d like to read as much as I can before Cataclysm is released and steals all of my free time. /thought-train over.