When I was checking my reader today, I noticed 4 separate posts with the same title of this post. That can only mean one thing: Meme time!!

The most discernible origin seems to be Specced For Drama, though she admits that she didn’t start the meme, I didn’t spot it on the other site she linked to, so she gets my link love. The other people I’ve seen taking part are Pilfkin, Issy, Jakkru, and Sven. Join in, it should be fun!

The first question is: Day 1 – Favourite class and why?

You know what, some people are able to snap their fingers and tell you what their favourite class is in the drop of a hat. Whether it’s a class they level a lot, one they levelled first, their current main, whatever. They know. I’m not entirely sure I do.

My first class was a Warlock. I wanted a magical class, and I had been told that Warlocks even got pets! Upon hearing that Warlocks were the only magical class with pets (and also very overpowered, I was told – classic now, we’re talking), I knew that was my class. But I just didn’t feel it. It took me forever to get to 60, months, by the time I was there, everybody else was gearing up for Karazhan. When I finally made it to 70, I joined a guild called HordeCore, raided with them for 2 months, sucked at my class and finally gave up on trying to like it. I did like Destruction in Wrath, though I’m not sure what I think of the class now. We’ll see. Either way, it’s not my favourite class.

After the Warlock, going on the knowledge that groups were always looking for a healer as their last spot, I decided I’d level a Blood Elf Priest to heal. I levelled her as Shadow, but I healed in instances anyway and I didn’t do too bad a job if I say so myself. I had a lot of fun levelling her and she became my new main. I also got a little hooked on Shadow, recruited as Shadow, and yeah.. I haven’t really healed on her since. She was my main for most of TBC, and parts of Wrath, even now. My Shadow Priest is definitely a strong contender for favourite class but I do have fickle moments. I get bored of the same thing all the time.

For a while in Wrath, I played the Hunter class as my main. It was the best thing sinced sliced bread suddenly, I sucked at everything else. Whilst there is no danger of it now, I’ve grown so bored of it, and the changes have scared me away, it was without a doubt my favourite class. Until I rerolled back to my Priest a few months ago.

I’ve also enjoyed playing my Ret Paladin and my Frost Death Knight an awful lot, but I like to keep them as alts. See, whilst Shadow Priest remains my main, I enjoy the class a lot and honestly I’ve achieved so much on her that it would suck a little to have to start over on another character and not get anywhere near as far, I also like to keep fun alts on the sides. I try not to reroll to them, but for me, it keeps the game fresh to have a lot of options.

As to why, I love the versatility and survivability of Shadow Priests. With my dual spec, I can be a healer on the side. If the group is going badly and the healer is struggling, I can quickly throw a heal or two around to help out a bit, and I have found this to be more than helpful on several occasions. I can Fade, Disperse, Shield myself, all sorts, and survive all kinds of crap. In the meantime, holding down a rotation that for me has always been interesting, having to time when to put up DoTs, when it’s safe to cast Mind Blast, whether to use Shadow Word: Death, and so on. These days, it feels a little bit simplistic, but in TBC it was quite a complicated spell priority! I guess I find it a nice middle ground to the one-button-spammy-specs, which have become less so now but back in TBC it was quite frequent, and the overly complicated, Destruction/Demonology Warlock these days, anyone?

What’s your favourite class, and why?