Day 6 – Favourite dungeon and why?

First off, sorry this is a tad late. Scratch that, I’m not at all sorry! I’m enjoying this little blog project immensely, but the Shattering happened and then we had nice pizzas and watched a movie. You understand. And this will run over into the Cataclysm release, in which time it will be pushed back further, but don’t worry, I’ma finish.

So, I looked at this question and a few came to mind: Ulduar, Shadow Labrynth, Caverns of Time: Durnholde, Black Temple.

SLabs (as we lovingly call it) was probably the first level 70 instance I did all the way through. I remember how terrified I was of Murmur (shutup, like you weren’t) and how difficult we found it. The heroic version was just tough enough, and I loved it. Not entirely sure why, I just did. I suppose fond memories or some such lark.

Black Temple was the raid I progressed in with my TBC guild, Supreme. I can remember having a lot of fun, people being stupid and all that, and the bosses were complicated and fun. There was such a high sense of accomplishment every time we killed a boss, the only thing I regretted was missing the first Illidan kill – my internet was off for about a month at that time. However, I did kill Illidan plenty of times and loved the fight.

Ulduar, I felt, was possibly the perfect instance for people who wanted fun hardmode encounters and of course, us achievement whores. There were plenty of different ways to activate hardmodes and I loved that because it gave the raid a nice varied feel to it. And sooo many achievements which I still need to go back and do. It was brilliant!

Caverns of Time: Durnholde I think I loved so much because you walk in and oh! Look! My Blood Elf is a human, haha look how stupid the cow looks as a human haha. And you got to fight with Thrall. Yay! It wasn’t until Wrath when I levelled my Death Knight that I discovered that some Alliance races, not including humans because honestly derp, didn’t change. I was quite disappointed, that was always the best bit of Caverns of Time for me – seeing what the hell your character would look like if it was human. So yeah, that one.