Day 4 – Favourite Emote and the best situation to use it in.

Oh! Oh! Me! Pick me! I know this one!

There are so many emotes I love, but today I know the answer, unlike yesterday.. I’m still wondering whether I should change my answer to Thrall for favourite NPC.. but anyway, I’m not telling you quite yet. First I need to blather on about some things that aren’t necessarily my favourite emotes but are still awesome and need to be mentioned.

Everybody loves a good /dance. When you’re bored, waiting for a boss pull during tactics *cough* I mean afk breaks, of course, hanging around in cities chatting, or wherever your preferred place to dance might be, well, it’s fun. I’ve spent the entirety of Wrath wondering where the hell these new dances we were promised have got to, because as aforementioned, I primarily play Blood Elves. You’ve seen their dance right? Yeah. No. I hate it. Especially since this video (which you may even remember. See: 2:15):

However, you can’t deny me a good /dance, especially on any other race I play. Female Tauren and Draenei dances are great!

Anyway, getting every earworm under the sun (excluding It’s Not Unusual) in one video really was one feat – moving on.

You know what else I love? /spit. No, not in the dick way. I pretty much only use it on Dan. Aren’t I a lovely girlfriend? I can’t really be arsed with terms of endearment ingame when he’s sat right across from me, so instead we often pretend we hate each other instead. Pretty sure we’ve weirded out a few pugs in time with our fake arguments.. When people actually use /spit in PvP and to generally be twats, rather than as a joke, then I hate it. Sadly, it will always be remembered for that.

The winner for me though: /pat. So good we named a guild after it! I know, I know, the rest of you have picked /hug, /wave, all the lovely things and I’ve gone for the second most patronising emote in the game. I think it is just the perfect emote to convey it’s tiny little patronising message and it is brilliant – especially when somebody is being a big lootwhore. Picture it:

  1. [Lootwhore]: FFS!! My trinket didn’t drop again!! I’m only one piece off full BIS FFS!
  2. [Yourself]: /pat.

See? See?! Perfect.