Day 8 – Favourite guild name you’ve come across?

I’m going to have to say that I love a funny name, or a good reference. I get bored of all the latin and single word guild names, and so I present my two favourite guild names:

  • Pining for the Fjords
  • Pretentious Latin Name

Knowing that Pining for the Fjords was taken on Vashj, because that’s where I stole it from, I had to make this guild! So I made it as my bank guild on Terenas.. however, it’s so good I use it for my guild over there. I’ve always been a big Monty Python freak and I absolutely adore this reference!

Pretentious Latin Name I spotted on Terenas, a fair while before Single Abstract Noun came to be, in fact. They’re both equally as funny, really, I just saw Pretentious Latin Name first. I don’t really need to explain why it’s funny, do I?