Day 7 – Favourite companion non-combat pet?

Oh this is an easy one! Or.. is it. Hmm. I’ve been a big pet collector for quite a long time and you would think I had a favourite wouldn’t you?

Well, generally speaking, my favourite vanity pet varies. You’ve seen my collection haven’t you? I’ve worked damn hard on it and I love a lot of my pets, so much that I went and named my blog after my pet collecting .. thing. I do believe I wrote a post about my vanity pets around the same time last year, when Tam offered around a bit of syphilis. Here if you’re interested in my thoughts on the appeal of vanity pets, though I would change my top 3 now, in this order:

  1. Phoenix Hatchling
  2. Wind Rider Cub
  3. Baby Blizzard Bear

Though, bare in mind, there will be a bunch of new pets coming up soon and that might very well change in the next year.. again.

You know what guys, it’s not easy to beef up a post answering a question that you know the answer to!