I was going to write my 20 Days of Warcraft (which I’ll try and get back to later if I have time), and I was also going to squee a lot about all of the things that appeared yesterday: The Orgrimmer changes, the sight of the Barrens from the air, the new pets, my new favourite NPC the Psylosopher (which I can neither spell nor say), and so on.. but I started doing a quest yesterday evening. The first couple were easy enough but later on it gets quite difficult. There’s a brilliant comment on WoWhead that really helped me but I think a blog post would be helpful too.

You'll want to have something like this, perhaps a few more spitters and rocks.

Start by putting down 3 Sunflowers. These give you the sunpower you need to put stuff down. When you have 3 of these, you’ll want to start blocking off the approaching zombies. The rocks you see above only cost 15 sunpower and them them busy for a little bit while you gather more sunpower to put down spitters to kill them off.

Next, you will want to work on building your defenses. To do so, you’re going to need a lot of sunflowers, at least 2 rows. Inbetween putting down spitters and a row of freezyas, perhaps with the odd rock thingy thrown in to hold them back. Once you have enough down, you have to build your sunpower to use the pumpkin bombs to defeat the larger mobs or heavy groups of zombies.

If you get overwhelmed, the green trucks to the left of the sunflowers will zoom forward, if mobs get that far, and clear everything in its path – including any sunflowers you might put down before it goes. It is only useable once and if mobs breach that part of the field again, they will enter the house “eating your brains”, so do watch out, it’s best to not have to use those.

It’s a difficult quest, but very fun, and as far as I can work out, you can do it from about level 20ish, after that the money rewards scale with level. I got 30g for the final quest at level 80, and of course: