Already I’m having issues. I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching and plotting the past few days. I know I could have probably spent a bit longer but I did kind of decide at the last minute to do it. Well, once I’d got a general plotline figured out, I wrote my plot out in easy to follow paragraphs, and decided it’d be best to print that off so I have it at hand. Dan put MS Office on my memory stick for me, and I was near enough ready.

Once I’d finally got home from the charity shop – after following a lorry going 40 in a 60 zone (or 50 for him), and a learner going at 20 in a 30 zone – I stuck the memory stick in and transferred MS Office over. Err.. right, it doesn’t work. If there’s anyway to get it to work, I don’t know how, nor do I particularly have time to piss about with it right now. Ugh. So I’d either have to resort to Wordpad (ew) or this Scrivener tool, which is in beta and I’m scared it’s going to eat my novel. That would very much not be cool.

Then I decide to head down, get myself a big drink of Pepsi Max (which by the way is flat /cry), and print off my outline. The printer’s borked! It started attempting to print and gave up! And the ink is fine, so yeah, I’ll have to scramble through messy notes, flip between windows, and other general faggotry. Le sigh. I’ve wasted about an hour so far already, now I’m going to hunt for some post it notes or bits of paper I can cellotape to my monitor.. Wish me luck!