Day 9 – Which race/class combination are you most like in RL?

Well, I want to say Night Elf Mage but reeeally, no. Tauren Druid.

Night Elves are tall, mysterious, beautiful, and… blue. Okay, so we can’t have everything, but Elves are cool, kay? And I’d rather be a Night Elf than a Blood Elf if we’re talking IRL land here. Mages are great cooks, they can turn people into different animals, set things on fire just by thinking about it, quick transportation what’s not to love?

If I’m honest though, that’s what I’d like to be. The question is which are you ‘most like’, and so I say Tauren Druid. No, I’m not a giant bipedal cow, or hairy, but I’m not thin and slender, so body size I’d say that makes the most sense.. except for the cow part. I couldn’t be a Dwarf because I’m not short. Plus, I’m fairly gentle in nature, so the other Horde races don’t suit me much either. That also rules out Human.

I say Druid because, well, I wouldn’t be too good with weapons, I think the elements would hate me, but I do like nature. Whilst I can’t turn into a bear or a cat on a whim, Druid seems to fit the most. Plus I always wanted to be a cat when I was a kid (I don’t know either).