I spent my birthday waiting for a knock on the door that never came. While everybody else was talking about the realm first level 85s and nearing the max level, I was running around the house like this:

Okay, maybe I was watching TV and creating my pre-raid gear list, but inside, I was most definitely flailing.

What’s worse is the news on the City Link website that our parcel was put in transit at about 12.30 midday in a place that’s a half an hour drive from here. If there was any way of knowing, I could have arranged a pick up. My car might be broked but my dad was around. And I live in the middle of England, we aren’t having the road problems that Scotland are getting. Lucky for us he went out later on so we could steal the living room to eat pizza and watch How To Train Your Dragon (which is still awesome).

I’ve told myself I won’t spend today listening for the knock on the door, but I can’t help it. I don’t like that I’ve missed out on that first day awesomeness, when everybody is running around going, “OMG SO AWESOME LETS DO INSTANCE.” My only real comforts are the ability to wave Little Deathwing in people’s faces when I finally get my sodding game, and that Dan was kind enough to actually wait for me. We don’t level together as such, but it’s nice to be able to do group quests and instances at the same level.

Oh, yeah, I also bought the Moonkin Hatchling to cheer myself up. Couldn’t exactly afford it, but I had a little birthday money so why not. It was so worth it, it worked. He’s so darn cute!

Horde moonkin is better but that's the only screenshot I took yesterday