I discovered this pet over on Warcraft Pets, I discover pretty much every pet over there really but still, I hadn’t noticed it before. It’s a rare drop from the foxes on the Tol Barad Peninsula, it’s also Bind on Pickup, so if you want it – you’ll have to farm it. You might get lucky and get it after just a couple of kills, it happens, or you might end up tearing your hair out as it seems to have the same drop rate as any of the Whelplings.

I decided the best time to farm was about 10am (or before) until I started getting ganked (I’m not so into PvP, I hear you don’t get flagged on PvE servers on the Peninsula though), which was usually about 11.30am ish. Overall, I think I farmed foxes for about 5 or 6 hours over the space of 3 days, but I’m glad I did because it’s absolutely worth it. It’s very, very small, but I love the fox model, and it’s idle animation is the fox/shaman wolf dance, which is brilliant.

I put together this map to show the patrol path I took and roughly where the foxes spawn. It’s a nice smooth run around really and you don’t miss any mobs. Watch out as well for instantly respawning foxes, that sometimes happens and you don’t want to miss the extra chance of a drop.

Good luck!