I was quite excited when I checked my emails last night and found my secret santa from Lodur, enjoy 🙂

For what has been many, many years now, people have known me as Lodur. The Shaman healer addicted to quite literally all things Shamanistic. While I love and adore my Shaman, and he will forever be my main, it is something of a little known fact that I am indeed an alt-aholic. Now, I don’t attend any meetings or anything like that, but there is just something gratifying in being able to change my identity sometimes and roll an alt.

I have well over 50 World of Warcraft characters, scattered across many, many servers. Only about 15 or them are Shaman though, the rest run the gambit of every available class, and every available race. That’s just really part of the fun in WoW. Just having options.

So when I’m not raiding or writing about the joys of Shamanism, I can be found on one of my many alts. The one above here is Zabonk, my Goblin Shaman. I’ve really enjoyed playing as a Goblin recently simply because I adore their casting animations, the story behind them, all of their emotes and everything in between. It’s such a large departure from Draenei and Dwarves for me that it is engrossing and fun. It’s also nice to see how the questing is different for Horde now. Back when WoW first started, I played a Horde character as my very first toon. Those were some very fun days, and fond memories, and as I’m playing again on Horde side with friends and family I’m starting to enjoy it all over again.

Back on Alliance side, on my home server of Zul’jin I have an army of alts as well. Chief among them is my formerly Night Elf, but newly made Worgen Hunter Abigail. She is the longest living of my surviving characters from the days of vanilla. Shortly after the game was released, my friends that I was playing with changed servers, and changed factions. They migrated to Zul’jin and rolled Alliance. Sad that I could not make a Tauren Shaman, I settled for a Night Elf Hunter. I raided and loved that toon all the way through to the Burning Crusade’s release, where I was able to roll my beloved Shaman class and still play with my friends. Personally I never really cared for Night Elves, and so when Cataclysm was released, I made it a point to race change her to a Worgen. I’ve been falling in love with the Hunter class all over again, and have been collecting pets fairly aggressively. Here’s a picture of Abi with her lovely fox, Guy Fawkes.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on a Paladin alt, Tamisa, learning how to tank, and making my way up to level 85. She’s a Draenei, and I felt as though I needed to keep at least one active alt as a so called Blueberry. Here she is on her sparkle pony hanging out in Ironforge. She may or may not have a problem holding her Dwarven Ale!

But this is what I spend my downtime doing. I make alts. I play them, learn about their classes and really just have a great time doing it. I never really get bored of the leveling process, it’s almost like a guilty pleasure of mine. Whenever I’m bored, I roll an alt. Friends want to start playing and want a leveling buddy, I roll an alt. The options are near limitless. I have alts on PvP servers, alts on Role-Playing servers, and more than one of them is heroic and raid ready. Now, thanks to this blog, I have a renewed desire to try out my Priest alt. I started her a long while ago, but haven’t really had the gumption to really dive back in. Since Cataclysm’s release though, I think I feel the need to bring Mara Jade out of retirement and melt some faces.

So, if you’re a secret (or not so secret) alt-aholic, I salute you. If you ever find yourself in the area of Zul’jin and looking for someone to alt around with, I’ll be more than happy to roll one, or level one with you.