I did enter initial thoughts on Cataclysm as a Blog Azeroth shared topic so feel free to go see what everybody else is saying. 🙂

Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon yesterday, I went downstairs to watch the last episode of Merlin and wait for the hopefully arriving soon City Link van. As I went to grab a drink, guess who pulled up outside? Yeah, so I never got around to watching Merlin in the end but my Collector’s Edition arrived and my God I wasn’t prepared for how huge this thing is! I got the game (obviously), the mouse mat because I had a tiny crap little thing because I’m too stingy to pay £20 for one, and the Landro’s Gift lootcard (eeh!) which for some reason I couldn’t redeem, have opened a ticket about that but that could be a while before it’s answered, not to worry, it’s not *too* important. Anyway, so I installed the game after much squeeing, and went off to Hyjal.

Initial thoughts: Oh my God it’s pretty and there’s Ysera oh my God and the faerie dragons and the flying and the – I’ll stop there, that could go on for a while really. I was going to go to Vashj’ir first but as Hyjal has Guardians of Hyjal rep, which is where I’ll be getting my helm enchant from, I went over there. After completing the zone (and oh my God, if you haven’t yet – DO IT! So much lore, the last few quests are amazing) I was a little bit into revered, I’ll keep the tabard on until exalted just to get the reduced price on the helm enchant but the quests really are a nice big rep boost. And did anybody else find themselves doing this?


We did a Blackrock Caverns, which is pretty cool, reminds me a bit of Forge of Souls and I love Beauty’s pups. We also did a Throne of the Tides which had a Slave Pens feel to it, I thought. Both were good, but I can see them getting repetitive after a while no doubt.

After I’d finished in Hyjal, I decided to run around and get instance entrance discoveries. I didn’t bother with Grim Batol yet, but I grabbed The Stonecore and the 3 in Uldum and I had a fly around Uldum. Oh. My. God. Uldum is amazing. It’s big, and epic looking, and well designed. It’s also the next rep I’ll be going for, so I can’t wait to start there, but once I’d finally found The Vortex Pinnacle I headed back to Deepholm to quest there, because at this point I was only 82. Still am in fact so time for an abrupt end to a blog post.

Where did you start? Anything that has stood out in your mind?