Originally, this post was going to be written for a Blog Azeroth shared topic about how real life interrupts your game life, suggested by dragonray, but when the date was moved to the 13th-19th, I decided it would be best to just post it on the 7th as I had planned.

It’s my birthday, if I want to post a cat, I can post a friggin cat!

I’m not going to talk about my work life. Plain and simple, I don’t have a job. I volunteer in a charity shop around 7 hours a week, which is barely enough to affect anything, really. I’ll do 3 hours on Monday morning, and 4 hours on Saturday afternoon. With Cataclysm released on Tuesday, I’m fairly certain I’m safe to not need any time off for Cataclysm, and if my CE arrives late *cry* it arrives late.

The thing about today is that to you guys, it’s the Cataclysm release date. Woohoo, etc. Back in September, when the release date was announced (during my site’s downtime when I was in Wales, I remember that clearly), I was just a little bit miffed about the date. Out of 365 days in a year, they had to pick my birthday, didn’t they? Today I turn 22. No major milestone, by any mark, but I’ve always made a point of not playing WoW on my birthday. Just turning off the computer and watching a movie, go out for a meal, all that jazz. However, this year, I was met with a dilemma. The first day of the new expansion, do I stick to my guns and not play? Just watch TV and greet family members? Or do I do the birthday celebrations on the Monday, sod the birthday, and go see the new shinies?

Well, I suspect you know the answer already. There’s nothing better than getting on with new things on the expansion release date, it feels like being a child at Christmas again and hell if I’m going to miss out just because of a silly old birthday. We went out for a Chinese last night in my favourite restaurant, I talked to my dad this morning, if anybody pops over later I’ll go and say hello, sure, but the rest of the day is reserved for me. I do wish the release date was on a different day so that I didn’t feel like I couldn’t not log in, but it’s not, so sod it.

And a cat bus, for good measure.

So yes, today is my birthday. I have cookies. Happy Cataclysm!