Meet Miyu.

Last night, I finally got around to levelling my Goblin a bit. I know I said I wasn’t so bothered about the new races, and I’ve always hated Goblins because they’re annoying and small and green, and they were stupid, but after playing with the character creation screen alone, I became a bit of a convert. The females actually don’t look half bad. I think they’ve made their way up to my second favourite Horde race – they haven’t quite taken over Blood Elves, but they are damn cool.

It wasn’t until I started levelling Miyu the Enhancement Shaman (which by the way is a name that I believe is now on its’ 3rd character, she has been a Rogue and a Warrior until now) that I decided exactly how awesome they are. You get a fecking vehicle mount! I wasn’t too big a fan of the Goblin mount, I’m still not, but man I want that vehicle mount it’s brilliant and it even has a radio setting. I had fun running over Goblins with it as well, hush.

I like that Blizzard gave you a group of friends, and I absolutely love Globber (the big guy in the middle) he’s brilliant. Though I’m really not that fond of the boyfriend. It’s nothing to do with “Well what if I’d prefer a girlfriend instead?” or anything like that, no, he’s just a bit of a tosser.

Click to embiggen!

After all the being scared shitless thinking you’re about to get “Stood in the Fire” on your Goblin alt, parties, running over pirates, and finding lesbians sat in Gallywix’s bed (I didn’t ask, each to their own), you get to be a true Goblin and set fire to things. With explosives.

Yes, I think I’m going to like this race. I’m officially a Goblin convert.