I finally finished The Shattering last night, it took me about two weeks. I read it for maybe an hour or two before bed, when I got there before 10, and I read maybe 30 pages in an hour. I might be a slow reader, but I’m blaming a lot of that on the ingame Shattering taking away my reading time. They bloody went and made the game fun again, the bastards! And before I start, don’t worry, I don’t give spoilers in book reviews – not much use in a review if you spoil it for everybody.

My initial thoughts upon reading the first few pages of the book were, “Oh God, she’s referencing the previous books, which I haven’t read, and repeating herself a lot, this is going to be like wading through treacle, I might not even finish it because WANT TO READ FARSEER NOW!” But I kept going, because her writing isn’t terrible, it was readable, and I wanted to know what happened. It’s labelled the “prelude to Cataclysm” and I want to be filled in on all the yummy lore. I fell asleep for a few years? Bullshit, tell me what happened!

Christie Golden has managed to capture the characters’ personalities well enough to make you love them, and make you hate them. This is a very important part of storytelling for me – if the characters are flat the story will fall on its’ arse. Reading The Shattering has made me particularly love the Tauren and Anduin Wrynn. However, I’m still finding Jaina a bit whiny, and Garrosh is still a dick. And Varian? Yeah, dick too.

Right at the beginning, I found her take 2 pages to say something that, in my mind, only needed a paragraph. The padding was a little too obvious in places. She also used the stopping in mid sentence to create dramatic effect a little too much. “She- He felt a knife in his back and all was dark.” ((Not real story content – just an example!)) At one point, she did that, and then switched scenes.. There really didn’t seem to be any reason for it.

However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought initially and I didn’t have to put it down, though a couple of times I nearly did, it wasn’t too bad a read. I wouldn’t read any of the other tie-ins, they aren’t really my thing, especially Knaak if he really is as bad as I’ve been told (and I don’t doubt that), but I’m glad I read this one because now I know what’s going on with the lore and all that.

If you haven’t read The Shattering yet and you’re interested in the Warcraft lore, particularly if you’ve enjoyed other Warcraft books, I definitely recommend it to you. 2.5/5.