I’ve had my bucket list up for a while, and come the 7th I will remove it because it will hold no further purpose in existing. I thought it’d be nice to go over and see what I managed to achieve and what I didn’t, because I’m one of those strange people that benefits from seeing plans and achievements in a nice, neat list.


  • Death Knight – I managed to gear up Soupdragon satisfactorily, even grabbed 2 parts of T10 (pre-Justice Points), one Sanctified from VoA.
  • Druid – My Druid is still just level 71, so not the level 80 I wanted, but I can come back to her later. It helps that levelling 70-80 has been nerfed.
  • Hunter – I finished up ‘What A Long Strange Trip Its Been’ on Fae, also got her the Headless Horseman mount and tamed Loque’nahak. Whilst I didn’t have any Hunter-based plans for pre-Cataclysm really, I’d say I achieved a decent amount still. At the moment I’m camping Scholazar Basin for King Krush and the bird.
  • Mage – I wanted to at least get my Mage to 60 so that I could go out and get polymorph pig, and use the polymorph rabbit and polymorph turtle books I had, and I did. She even has a macro to switch them around. I haven’t levelled her past 60 yet, but then again I’m a little more interested in my Night Elf Mage at the moment.
  • Paladin – My Paladin has managed to collect all of the Inscription recipes pre-4.0 which means less work to do later, yay. I have also managed to gear her up a little bit, especially from the elemental invasion bosses, but I’d still quite like to get her another trinket as she’s still using Warsong’s Fervor. Luckily, I presume, she will replace that pretty fast in the expansion so it’s not the end of the world, she still kicks ass enough.
  • Priest – I’m happy with the level I got my Priest to. Her gear, her achievements, her mount and pet collections, everything really. As she is my main, I’ll talk about this a little more below.
  • Rogue – It took me a little while but I did get my Rogue on Argent Dawn to 80. I hated doing Rogue in Outland and Northrend, especially without heirlooms, but at 80 it’s nice to play Mutilate and be able to join in with the guild a little more. I would imagine that Rogue is a little more fun to level since patch 4.0.
  • Shaman – I levelled my Draenei Elemental/Resto Shaman a little bit, from 11 to 41. It was fun, and the highest I’ve ever levelled a Shaman, but I had other things to do in the meantime, so I will go back to her in a few months time.
  • Warlock – I was happy enough with my Warlock when I wrote my bucket list, she’s still at the same level and I’m fine with that. I’m not a huge fan of what they did to Warlock specs in the patch, so we’ll see in time.
  • Warrior – I didn’t touch my Warrior. Briella is still 35 and I’m planning to remake her with a different name in order to see the new human starting zones without too much travelling. I figured 35 isn’t too high, might as well. I haven’t started a Warrior on Horde yet, either, though will probably do a Blood Elf sometime.

Overall, I’m happy with where my alts are. I’d have liked to get my Druid up to 80 and sorted out Blacksmithing (probably on my Paladin) but it’s not the end of the world (well..) I can sort that out in Cataclysm still.


  • Loremaster – I only had a little bit of Kalimdor left for my Priest and I finished it. Sure, it might have been easier to wait as I’m doing the new zones as well to complete all of those achievements and see the quests, but I’m still glad I did it.
  • 10,000 Honorable Kills – I did achieve perhaps 3k more honourable kills than I had, but I needed about 3k more to reach 10k. I’m just not a PvPer, I know it’s an easy one, but I don’t really enjoy PvPing. I’m bad at it!
  • 100 Wintergrasp wins – I’m perhaps 30 off getting this one, but no. As I said above, I’m not really a PvPer and I really couldn’t be arsed after a while.
  • Frostbitten & Bloody Rare – I did get Bloody Rare, but I’m still 2 away from Frostbitten. The guy in Icecrown, who I have found dead but not alive, and Old Crystalbark, the tree outside of Nexus. I do look but I’m never lucky – the trouble is, I started going to bed at a normal time, I used to find a lot at around 2 in the morning but I’m asleep by 11 these days, and I don’t log in when I’ve just woken up so I’m online and looking when everybody else is around.
  • Salty – Well, I did manage to win the Stranglethorn fishing contest which felt absolutely brilliant and I love my fish trinket! But I haven’t had any luck with the rare fish and haven’t bothered fishing up Lurker yet. Another one I’ll go back to, it was starting to send me insane.
  • 40 Exalteds – I still haven’t finished my Consortium rep, but I have got 40 exalteds and 45 is going to be piss easy.
  • Pet Collection – I’m very happy with where my pet collection is now. Just a couple more festival pets, 4 I can get from the Blizz store, plus a couple of the new pets I haven’t worked on yet. I have 124 pets at the moment, just can’t afford the Blizz store pets right now *sniff*
  • 100 Mounts – This one was pretty recent actually. You probably remember the post in which I admitted realising I hadn’t picked up the newer Horde mounts (Ochre Skeletal Horse and a couple of level 20 ones) which gave me the 4 I needed for the 100. I felt a bit silly for forgetting them, I’d got them on my Hunter previously, but it was damn nice to finally get 100 mounts.
  • Turtle Mount – Not yet, see: rare fish.
  • AQ Chain – I didn’t bother in the end. Couldn’t get a group for Blackwing Lair and decided I didn’t care enough so I left it.
  • Midsummer – Yup, mentioned it above. I did get Midsummer finished on my Hunter.
  • Doomguard – I didn’t bother with this one either, she has it now though so – woop!


  • Gear – My Priest’s gear is at a good point. I have got as much from Icecrown as I could from pugging, including 2 tokens to upgrade 2 pieces of T10 to Sanctified. I was very pleased with that and even got a little trinket luck from 10 man Heroic Gunship!
  • Lich King Dead – A friend of mine turned around one day and asked if I wouldn’t to join his guild’s 10 man alt run to Icecrown. I said yes, sure, never expected to complete so many hardmodes, and definitely didn’t expect to kill the Lich King that day, but we did. Most of the others had killed him on 25 already, and I’d read up and watched enough videos of the fight to know what I was doing, and it went down, and it felt absolutely brilliant to achieve something I didn’t expect to achieve until level 85.
  • Ruby Sanctum Clear – I haven’t even entered the Ruby Sanctum, sadly, because I couldn’t bring myself to pug it, and I didn’t get in on anybody’s 10 man runs, but I’m sure we’ll pop back at 85 to say hello.


My goal was to reach 70,000g in order to afford all of this stuff and have a bit left over. Well, I achieved that and then kept going and I’m currently sitting on 210,000g. God bless Glyphmas! My only real goal now is to keep it above 200k and anything else is a bonus – I don’t have much need for any more gold than that, but I enjoy making it, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy seeing what I can make gold from in Cataclysm.

Plans for Cataclysm

So, picking through what I achieved compared to what I planned to achieve is one thing. Overall I have achieved pretty much everything I wanted to, plus a bit extra, with only a couple of exceptions. My plans for Cataclysm, whilst not set in stone, would have to be the following:

  1. Level Seithir, my Shadow Priest, to 85 as fast as I can manage.
  2. Once levelled, work on levelling up Enchanting and Tailoring to max and doing instances. Collect a healing offset.
  3. Probably then start raiding.

Then I get a bit more lenient, so I’ll switch to bullet points.

  • Work on any new achievements, or old ones I’ve missed.
  • Collect the new pets.
  • Start farming the new mounts.
  • Gather new rep.
  • Level profession alts first: Paladin, Druid, Warlock, Mage. Once able to – level their professions.
  • Commence gold making.

They’re the main things I want to focus on. Once I’ve done all of that, or at least started, I can carry on camping rares on my Hunter, levelling any other alts I’d like to level, start focusing on other servers on the side, and so on. I’m really looking forward to it now! I hope Cataclysm is a damn sight better than Wrath was.

What about you? Anything you managed to achieve or didn’t quite manage to before Cataclysm? Something you’re particularly proud of? What are your plans for Cataclysm?