A few people got the idea from my last post that I’ve quit WoW. I haven’t, I’m quite adamant ((aside: just noticed adamant = Adam Ant, ahaha..)) that I’d like to keep playing, I just really needed a break apparently. I’ve finally found a guild I’m happy in, it’s a social guild with a nice mix of people. Some raiders, PvPers, alters, achievement whores. Casual. I’m finally at a point in the game that I’ve always wanted to be in, and I’m not quite ready to give that up, so don’t worry, I’m still here. I’d like to do a few heroics, work on some achievements, raid a little, and play a few alts. So, as I said I probably would in the comments of my last post, I did reactivate my account on the day it ran out of game time.

I spent a week or two being completely bored out of my brains because I was struggling to find a quiet moment to just sit and read and enjoy it, but I didn’t feel like doing anything ingame, believe me, I tried. I’ve managed to carefully weave myself back into having fun ingame in the past few days.

Firstly, I did a few mid-40ish instances with the other half on Terenas with my healy Shaman. He has a few alts over there these days, it’s quite nice to have somewhere to play around on Alliance alts with a guild tag, heirlooms, and a gold supply, though it would be nice if we knew a few more people on the server. In all honesty, I could do with recruiting a few people to ‘Pining for the Fjords’ but I’m not quite sure how to go about it without recruiting the kind of people we don’t massively want to play with, and let’s face it, who wants an alt guild with no guild perks? Not many, I’d wager. Anyway, I had fun being a space goat again, I missed the *waggle* and Mr. Plods the Elekk is absolutely awesome. He sometimes changes colour. I don’t know either, I think he’s magic.

Logged her out in the Badlands ready to quest a little and was pulled away to my Priest to see if we could 2 man Onyxia (10 man). We were a Prot Paladin and a Shadow Priest, which isn’t a bad setup for this kind of thing. He has a lot of self heals, I can always pop out and throw a few heals about the place, we’re also pretty good at damaging stuff until it dies – it will be perfect when my AoE isn’t shite, the whelps stayed alive for a lot longer than I would have liked. It was a little touch and go, Dan had a couple of close encounters with the floor, luckily we saved it though, despite my nearing oomnicity after the AoEing, but we killed it and got 50g each for our troubles and a pat on the back. It was a bit of fun – we had to pay attention to what was going on and make good use of abilities, it was tough, but doable.

I finally poked him into helping me get the last 100 justice points for my heirloom axe (I know, I could have used Champion’s Seals, but I still want a few mounts from the Tournament and sod those dailies. I’m done with JP, so I’m using those), and off we went to do randoms with 2 pug DPS and a pug healer (guild were raiding). It first thrust us into a Blackrock Caverns with a silent Moonkin, a floor hugging Hunter, and a healer whose catchphrase was “W8”. We got the first boss down.. after a wipe.. then to the second boss where I had little doubt that yes, we were going to wipe again. Basically, the Hunter and Moonkin were too stupid to say “yes/no I have/n’t done this boss before” and we wiped pretty hard after I was feared out of my beam. Nngh. So we left, desperate to avoid a bad mood, and got a Deadmines. I only needed 50 points by this point and was pretty scared imagining Deadmines heroic with a pug, though, we did it. The Druid, again, wasn’t very talkative but the Death Knight and healer were pretty good company, and everybody did their job well enough, the healer even asked us what the tactics were – that never happens!! On the last rope swing back to Vanessa’s corpse, the server had a massive lag spike and I’m pretty sure everybody in the EU went offline at the same time. People were courteous enough to hold on with the loot, and then off I went to get my heirloom axe and cloak to enable my Warrior to kick some serious arse.

So after I’d blinged her up, I decided to play the Warrior a little bit yesterday, and man, what a difference 35% increased experience and the one-shotting-axe-of-doom really makes. I levelled her fairly swiftly from level 4 to level 12. I don’t really have a time frame because it was quite fragmented, but wow. Fast.

After a break and a realisation that I really can’t read through that much frigging noise, I figured I’d give dailies another crack. I have a few achievements to go for, still, and some rep to grind, guild rep especially – I’d like to make it to exalted with the guild. So we did those, and later on, raid time happened. I’d signed up. I figured, well, I don’t know if I want to raid unless I do it, and I got an invite. I won’t go into too much detail, but nomnom new bracers, and I believe I will try again next week after a little break if I can squeeze into the group. My confidence was pretty low by the end of the night, I’m pretty positive my performance wasn’t stellar, and I’m hoping that swings back around because I’ve always been quite good at damaging stuff til it dies whilst moving out of the fire. We got the first two bosses in Bastion of Twilight down. The first boss was easy, but I kept fucking up on the second boss. It wasn’t just me causing wipes, of course, but I think I’ll have to grin and bear game sounds in future, if I can get over the headaches.

After all of that? I don’t feel entirely like quitting. Maybe casual alting, and a little bit of raiding is the answer.

I do have a few goals, which I’d love to reach. I want to level every alt on Vashj to 85. Eventually perhaps on Terenas too. I’d like to get my achievements to over 9000, collect a few more mounts and pets, particularly the Ulduar drakes which I’ve been struggling to get a group for since the raid was released, finish levelling Archaeology and collecting the rare items I’m after, and when I feel comfortable with the game again, clear out my bank and restock with gold making schemes *plots*. I’m sitting on about 185k gold at the moment though, so I’d say I’m safe to hold off on that one for a while.