Today, I cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription. The thing is, I don’t want to quit, I really don’t. This is a game I love and have felt passionate about for 4 years now, and I’ve made so many friends and embedded myself in a community and finally found a nice guild, and I don’t massively want to leave that behind. But what is there to do? I mean, honestly, what?

After the disappointment that Wrath of the Lich King ended up being, I was so excited about the release of Cataclysm. There would be new content and Archaeology and things like that! Woo! They revamped low level questing, and for about a month it interrupted my NaNoWriMo and reading and I was really enjoying levelling lowbies and checking everything out. And then we ordered a Collectors Edition and played through the new Cataclysm things and it was fun, the new quests, and epic feeling, and new instances, but wait a second, what exactly is new here?Β We’ve got dungeons and heroics, yep, dailies, a PvP island, raids…

Whilst I agree with everything they’ve done, when the thing that killed the game for me before was the grind, they haven’t done a great job of trying to fix that. Grind heroics, grind raids, grind dailies, grind pets, grind mounts, grind Archaeology. Yes, Archaeology is just one big grindfest. I’ve so badly wanted to enjoy this expansion but the candle burnt down so fast that there isn’t much of a flame left. I just don’t really enjoy much any more. I enjoy playing with friends, but friends aren’t always around when I want to play, obviously.

In the end, I figured I’d log in to and just cancel my subscription until I felt like logging in again, because even the low levels aren’t grabbing my imagination these days. I’ve been wishing I was an RPer, so I could create my own fun, but I’m not. I’m not quick enough to think up decent RP on the spot.

The problem for me is that Blizzard just haven’t broken the mould at all. Questing is fun but so linear that it gets boring very fast. Heroics are still pretty new and fun but require the right people to be online and in the mood to heroic.

This isn’t me quitting, I’ll probably be back in a couple of days anyway when the house is once again filled with the sound of a TV set to volume 40-50, much too loud to be able to focus on reading, and have nothing else to do, but I suppose it is polite to explain why I’m not blogging over here so much.

I literally have nothing to say except that I don’t like grinding, and hopefully I’ll be back soon. If, on the other hand, you do have any suggestions towards making the game fun again, I’m all ears. I really don’t want to end up quitting just yet, not until I have something else to fill the time.

Edit: I should probably have added that I do have another blog that I tend to post at from time to time, more so when I don’t have much to say here. The Rant Page. Writing a fair bit about books and reading at the moment, but it’s not all I write about there. Hopefully though, I’ll find some fun in the game again and come back here, touch wood.