In my mailbox is a meme that can be found over at The Story Siren, intending to share any books bought/gifted/borrowed over time. I’ve decided to post these on Wednesdays sporadically, with the intention to  share what I’ve got my hands on recently. Thanks to primarily Goodreads and Amazon for blurbs and covers. Links provided if you’re interested in buying any of the books, or reading a few reviews.

This week is pretty much the same as last week, just the one. Although, I do have the overwhelming urge to take a list and browse a bunch of charity shops. So I might pop into town tomorrow or Wednesday and have a good browse – perhaps find a few that I’d like to try for a fair bit cheaper than I otherwise might. I really love searching charity shops for books. May well have a slightly more interesting post next week, who knows.

Again, don’t read the blurb unless you’ve read the first two Mistborn books, there will be spoilers.

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3) – Brandson Sanderson

To end the Final Empire and restore freedom, Vin killed the Lord Ruler. But as a result, the Deepness – the lethal form of the ubiquitous mists – is back, along with increasingly heavy ashfalls and ever more powerful earthquakes. Humanity appears to be doomed.

Having escaped death at the climax of The Well of Ascension only by becoming a Mistborn himself, Emperor Elend Venture hopes to find clues left behind by the Lord Ruler that will allow him to save the world. Vin is consumed with guilt at having been tricked into releasing the mystic force known as Ruin from the Well. Ruin wants to end the world, and its near omniscience and ability to warp reality make stopping it seem impossible. She can’t even discuss it with Elend lest Ruin learn their plans!

(Amazon UK/Amazon US/Goodreads)
Genre: Fantasy

Now I have the complete trilogy with the nice British covers. Hooray. I still need to start The Well of Ascension, but I am nearing the end of The Name of the Wind so hopefully within the week I’ll be able to get back to this series. Eventually, when they’re all published in the UK with these nice cover designs in paperback, I’ll get my hands on Sanderson’s other novels. I think Elantris will be released in the next few months.