I wanted to go with a cooler title like “Breaking the Bonds” or some such, but I think we can all agree that whatever I would have come up with would be neither cool, nor.. well.. just sounds like I’m breaking off an addiction, doesn’t it? That’s not really the message I want to get across. What I want to say is that after much deliberation and dragging it out, I’m finally quitting World of Warcraft. I’m very sad about it, but I just don’t have the interest to log in any more. I want to level those alts, and hit 300k gold, and do some 10 man raiding with a fun team on my Shadow Priest, finish off all of the new quests, all those things, but I just don’t care enough. What’s the point in doing something for fun that you don’t really enjoy? I’m particularly sad because I’d finally found a guild I was happy in, felt like I’d started making a few friends there, I had a bunch of awesome people on Real ID to chat to (you know who you are), and I think the worst part is the prospect of leaving the WoW blogging community. I’ve been here for over a year, and it is honestly the main thing that kept me playing throughout Wrath when I first found myself getting burnt out. I’ve met some awesome people, read some amazing blog posts, taken part in a bunch of community events that have been so much fun. I still don’t want to leave, but when you’re not playing the game the community is focused around, what can you do? I still think WoW is a brilliant game, I’ve just played it to death and nothing is holding my attention enough now. Perhaps one day in the future I might come back after a long break, but I don’t know at the moment. Never know, I’m missing the game a little just writing this post but I really think it’s time to move on.

I’ve spent a few hours today tidying my blogroll. Admittedly, I wanted to keep note of the blogs that I’d want to read again if I ever did come back (as it stands, I’ll be removing WoW blogs from my reader, as I won’t be reading them any more), but there are a few in there, mostly under the general section, but still, that I’ll still be reading and wanted to share. So please have a look at the list. I know it’s long, but they’re brilliant writers, and fabulous people.

I will not be deleting this blog. I will be renewing the domain as I use it for The Rant Page (which will now be my primary blog if you wish to follow me there, hopefully I’ll vary the topics a little soon, though inspiration is always welcome) as well. Unless my host needs to free up some space, Jaedia’s Menagerie will remain here ready to pick back up if I ever choose to.

I might look into other MMOs at some point this year. There are a couple of fantasy MMOs being released that I might try out, and there’s always LotRO and Champion’s Online (which I tried out and whilst I don’t find it amazing, it’s free and purdy colours) if I don’t fancy paying for the game and/or monthly fees. I’m not expecting anything revolutionary, or anything that I’ll be playing as much as I did with WoW, but perhaps another game to doss around on might be in the picture at some point. If I do find something, it’s most likely that any of those posts will be here. The one thing the Rant Page isn’t is a gaming blog.

In the meantime, I’ll be reading (you can find me on Goodreads), mostly fantasy, though I’m really not overly fussy about what I read as long as it’s weird, funny, or moving, and well written. I’m jotting down ideas for my own novel which won’t be out any time soon, I want to read a lot more, and research, and plan, and write, and edit, and rewrite, and edit, and make more notes, research more, edit, rewrite, and so on until I’m entirely happy to look into taking it anywhere, and that will take me a few years, but it will be nice to get started on that this year. I also have a fair few series, some live action, a fair few anime (you can also find me on MAL – My Anime List), to watch. And I’m still working in the charity shop on Saturdays and Mondays. I’m hoping that this year I’ll finally turn my life around and get a job and a place of our own to live in, and hopefully, without WoW there tempting me to switch off constantly (we won’t go into all of that just now), it will happen.

I’m looking for other blogs to read. Anything that might talk about RPG gaming, preferably of the fantasy MMO type, but I might be persuaded otherwise if it’s a good read. Any good book blogs, writing blogs, personal/other blogs of your own that I might not know about. If you know of any of these, I’d be grateful.

I love you guys, and I’m sorry to be leaving, especially noticing how many are doing so at the moment going through my reader this morning, but I really hope you guys continue enjoying the game, and keep on blogging.