Genre: Fantasy
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I didn’t even have to think about the rating for this one. I haven’t been this hooked on a book since I read Harry Potter and that was a fair few years ago. The Final Empire has easily moved up to being my favourite book. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but it was enjoyable.

Brandon Sanderson weaves between the characters Kelsier and Vin, building them up so well that you do become quite emotionally invested. If a book can make you laugh and cry and frown and smile and all of those things with the turnings of the story, it is a good book. This one did exactly that.

I found that I worked a few things out fairly early on, but the story’s twists and turns constantly proved me wrong and left me surprised. Another brilliant feat for a good book. The ending itself was really one of those kick yourself moments, but my god I was shocked by it.

I love the characters in this story. Sazed the Terrisman steward is absolutely fantastic (and oddly reminded me of Iggy from Ergo Proxy). Vin is an amazing female lead, and Kelsier is a loveable male protagonist. The world building in this novel left me able to imagine exactly how everything must look in quite some detail without leaving me bored. I love the mists, and the ashfalls, and the way “magic” works in Mistborn. The third person narrative style works perfectly, allowing Sanderson to switch his narrative between characters as and when the story needed it. This is something that felt a little unusual after reading so many books written in the first person, but it suited the story and Sanderson’s writing style so well.

Sanderson has set us up well for a good trilogy, leaving a fair few things open, whilst ending the book well enough to not be too annoying a cliffhanger. I’m officially a fangirl – without all the creepy obsessiveness.

I also wanted to mention my adoration for the cover art, but I have a post planned about that so I will touch on that another time, but I will say that Mistborn has possibly my favourite cover art. Even the US covers, both that I’ve seen, are amazing.

I recommend this book highly if you like fantasy. It’s not the same old fantasy with the same old strained relationships, mysterious wizards, and long, arduous quests. It’s something a bit different.